American Shorthair, the unique character of this cat breed

L’ American Shorthair the name itself says, has short hair, but what interests us is mainly his character amazing. She manages to attract the attention of anyone who crosses her path, regardless of whether he is a cat lover or not.

If there’s a feline that could convince the most skeptical of how interesting this animal world is, it’s him. A cat originally from the United States thought to be descended from the British Shorthair, itself a descendant of the European.

Since cats were not present in North America before the European colors, they are thought to have arrived on boats from England, where the felines were used to keep mice away. The first specimen, as well as the breed, dates back to the early twentieth century, precisely to 1904, when the British Shorthair was mated with an American short-haired specimen.

How To Recognize An American Shorthair

At first glance, it is certainly the appearance that attracts the attention of cat lovers and not sweet and mysterious of this four-legged friend. The American Shorthair, even before discovering its character, conquers with its friendly face.

You know you have one in front of you because it appears of medium size, with a well-proportioned and muscular build. Its weight as an adult – in the case of male specimens – varies from 5 to 8 kilos. The females, on the other hand, generally increasingly slimmer, weigh from 2.5 to 5 kilos. The height ranges from 30 to 35 centimetres.

His is striking very elastic and flexible tail. It is broad at the base and of the same length as the trunk.
The head appears broad, with a square muzzle and well proportioned to the rest of the body. On the forehead you can admire an M, typical of European tabby cats. The nose is straight, on the average long, but does not give it an unpleasant and angular air (on the contrary).

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The ears are wide and open at the base, they curve backwards and form a regular arc: this is the real distinguishing feature of this four-legged friend. To complete the picture are the bright, slanted eyes and with a typically walnut shape. What not everyone expects is that they can take on multiple uniform colors.

The cloak of this breed of feline appears short and shiny, has a thick and thick consistency and, especially during the winter season, resists very well to the low temperatures characteristic of its country of origin.

Colors of the fur they can be silver tabby, brindle with a white / silver background and with well-contrasted black designs. His average life is 15 years, the important thing is to take care of him in the best possible way. In such a way as to prevent any pathologies that can contribute to a shorter life than expected.

The Character And Temperament Of The American Shorthair

cat with bell

We have already mentioned it: the American Shorthair has a particular character affectionate and intelligent. What is striking is her energetic and very lively curious temperament. He is certainly not a feline for those who love tranquility and are looking for an ‘ornament’ that purrs (also because no pet should be considered as a stuffed animal to be abandoned in a corner as soon as it gets tired).

We are dealing with a feline that, more than the others, is good at jumping and to hunt. Provided that the house is secured inside and out, an environment with a garden is ideal for him. In this way she can channel his energies correctly and indulge his wild instincts.

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In the event that the real estate characteristics do not allow it, it is still good to think of a quadruped-friendly environment which allows Miao to have all the stimuli he needs through playing and experimenting with everything around him.

Luckily it is a race, this, that fits easily under any conditions. Kitty is comfortable both in the city and in the countryside, in the center as well as in the suburbs: the important thing is that he is never bored and that he knows that he has a human mum and/or dad who care about his psychophysical well-being. he.

In addition to boredom, physical activity helps prevent one of riskier diseases for a feline: obesity in cats. Being overweight, in fact, brings with it a series of related diseases, even of a certain size. High blood pressure in cats, diabetes and joint problems can compromise the quality and length of life of our four-legged friend.

A Sociable And Lovable Cat

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Among the breeds of cats suitable for children, this hairy – if it follows a correct socialization and is respected by all the players involved – manages to bond with both adults and children. The important thing is that the children know Micio’s needs and never overshadow them in the name of having fun. The cat is not a game, it is not inanimate and has a sensitivity that must always be taken into account.

Although active and perky, the American Shorthair has a character that allows it to get along easily with anyone you respect it. In short, contrary to the beliefs that paint the feline as an animal incapable of feeling (and of expressing them), he proves to be a faithful friend. Until proven otherwise, he is welcoming even to those he doesn’t know.

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The only aspect not to forget is that it is found among the races that suffer from separation anxiety. Loneliness he is this cat’s only real enemy. If we’re not sure we can be present enough in his life, let’s not adopt him.

Many People Have Also Asked Us

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The most frequently asked questions about this four-legged friend concern precisely coexistence. On the other hand, adopters want interactions to always be peaceful and positive for everyone.

Do American Shorthairs Get Along Well With Dogs Too?

These characteristics of his as a perfect landlord allow him to get along even with other animals both of the same species and of different species. His disposition similar to that of a dog, in some ways, makes him understand even Fido on the fly.

What Are The Species It Sees As Prey?

However, the important thing is to keep in mind that the American Shorthair has a sometimes wild character, that its predatory instinct often gets the better of it. In the case of rodents, birds or rabbits the risk and which places them in the category of animals to be hunted.

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