American Curl Cat Breed

American Curl Cat Breed

Few breeds are as recommended as a companion animal as the American Curl. Its affectionate and cheerful character makes it ideal for living with children. Do you know that they like to greet you by giving you a little touch with their head? It is his particular way of seeking your attention.

This Californian breed is very popular in the US In Europe, on the other hand, it is not so well known. His name refers to his most characteristic physical feature : the curl of his ears. These are folded back at an incline that can range from 90 to 189 degrees. If you want to know more about these cute cats, keep reading.

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Characteristics of the American Curl cat

Medium in size, they have a rectangular body and round legs. Their whiskers are not pronounced and their nose is usually heart-shaped. They are characterized by their agility and by the funny appearance that those crescent ears give to their faces . His expression is that of an always attentive pussycat who seeks interaction with humans.

Origin America (USA)
Medium size
Weight from 5 to 7 kg males and 4 to 6 kg females
Hair: There are 2 varieties: short-haired and long-haired. The only difference between them is the length, since in both cases the hair is soft and fine. All patterns and colors are accepted except chocolate and cinnamon
Wedge-shaped head, being longer than wide
Medium ears and with its peculiar back curl. Although they are born with rigid ears, at 10 days they begin to bend and at 5 months of age they acquire the definitive inclination that can range from 90 to 189 degrees
Large, round, well separated eyes with shades of green, blue or yellow
Tail as long as the body and very bushy
Estimated longevity of 13 to 17 years
Difficulty taking care of it medium


Character and behavior of the American Curl cat

They are very affectionate, sociable, playful, active and intelligent kittens . They adapt to everything, they function perfectly both in a small apartment and in a spacious home with a garden. They willingly tolerate coexistence with other animals and because of their happy and peaceful nature they enjoy games with children.

It treasures all the qualities to be considered an excellent pet, always receptive and cheerful. Of course, loneliness and lack of stimuli do not cope well . Therefore, daily play is the simplest and most effective way to spend time with him and allow him to release his energy.

He loves to climb. Therefore, it should not surprise you to find him asleep in the most unexpected high places in the house. In this sense, providing him with a vertical scraper will make him very happy.

Care required by the American Curl

The morphology of its ears requires regular cleaning of the ears using, with care to avoid damaging its delicate cartilage, a sterile gauze moistened in paraffin oil or physiological saline. This will remove accumulated dirt and wax. If you have short hair you should brush it once a week.

If it is long, do it 3 times a week. They are recommended a diet similar to that of the Siamese breed . The intake of meat is a priority, since they are very active. When he is a puppy, an additional supply of protein and fat must be guaranteed . In adulthood, this contribution should be adjusted in consultation with the veterinarian.

The consumption of carbohydrates should be reduced, since your metabolism is slow and you do not assimilate them well. In fact, not following this precaution can lead to diabetes or obesity. Physical exercise is another aspect that you have to take into account, since they demand it on a daily basis and it allows them to stay physically and mentally balanced.

American Curl Health

There are no known hereditary or prevalent diseases in this breed. However, given their peculiar shape, the ears can develop infections if they are not cleaned regularly or if we alter their natural curl. Trichobezoars and periodontal disease are easily avoidable if proper hygiene care is taken.

If the diet is appropriate for your age and physical condition, if you exercise daily and your vaccination and deworming schedule is up to date, your health should not suffer. Not surprisingly, they are generally healthy and strong cats .

History of the breed and fun facts

This breed had its origin in June 1981 in Lakewood (California) when Grace Ruga adopted a curly-eared kitten named Shulamith. She had a litter of 4 offspring of which 2 inherited her peculiar trait. A former breeder of Australian Shepherds took a fancy to them and began to crossbreed to consolidate their features.

This genetic mutation resulted in a breed that was first exhibited in 1983 . In 1987 the breed was recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) and in 1993 by the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA). In North America they are very popular. In fact, they have their own comic characters like Waffle Catscratch or Ray Smuckles.


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