Amazing things our cats can do

In this article I have collected the testimony of a woman,  (Megan Christison)  , of the beautiful  experience she had with a cat from her family. This case is very comforting to me, it shows me the “humanity” of our pets, their ability to offer us a series of lessons on how to live with others and how to be better every day .

Animals, and in this case cats , are capable of feeling a wide variety of emotions and developing complex social relationships , which involve looking after  both themselves and the other  ( in this case it is the unbreakable relationship of a cat with a family ).


C hen was a child, my mother and my father adopted two kittens were brother and sister. We call them Smokey and Roxie. They were adorable, of course, but we had a lot of trouble training them with the litter box, and even after several years, they would still have accidents. Roxie ended up getting pregnant by Smokey and had a litter of kittens. We gave them up for adoption to all except one, my kitten Garfield. Smokey was attacked by another animal and Garfield disappeared, Roxie was the only one left with us.

One day my father, walking out the door to work, saw Roxie urinate in a basket of clean clothes next to the dryer. It bothered him so much that he decided he would take her with him to work to drop her off in the field during the ride, hoping she would not return. When he came home from work he pretended that he had found out she was gone, and was surprised that she had disappeared.

For days and days, while Roxie did not return, all the brothers were sad and upset. We had just lost our two cats and we were sad that another one had disappeared again.

Three weeks passed quickly. It was a Saturday afternoon and my father and older brothers had just returned from a long journey. I was eager and excited to tell them, as soon as they walked through the door, that Roxie was miraculously home! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as stunned as my father, he tried to say things like: No, it has to be a different cat!

My father’s work was 15.5 miles away. She found her way and walked more than 15 miles to get home. Her foot pads were worn and she was covered in dirt and grease. For my father it was amazing, because he knew he had come a long way, and for us, because we had lost it for weeks.


Update: Roxie is still alive today and she’s 22, obviously a survivor. She has no health problems (aside from being blind in one eye) and is still very active. She has retired to North Idaho with my mother and they live a simple and happy life ❤ animals.

PS: She didn’t go back to pee where she shouldn’t hahaha. My father only revealed the full truth a few years ago to connect all the pieces.


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