Aloe vera for cats with leukemia

Cats are animals that, in general and if they are well cared for, will have a strong immune system. But the reality is that diseases like feline leukemia are the order of the day, not only because of how dangerous it is but also because it has no cure.

Although that does not mean that nothing can be done. Apart from following the advice and recommendations of the veterinarian, it is very interesting to treat them with natural products. For this reason, I am going to tell you how useful Aloe vera is for cats with leukemia .

First of all …

Natural therapies are booming, which is great for both the furry themselves and humans. Now, they are NOT miraculous , so, please, be suspicious of those who tell you that with these remedies a cat with leukemia will be cured … because unfortunately it will not happen.

In the same way that medicines do not work the same for everyone, natural therapies either. And no, it is not about crossing out one and using the other, no. What is involved here is to ensure that the quality of life of that cat is as good as possible, and for this you have to pay attention to the veterinarian and, if you want, seek the opinion of a holistic veterinarian who is the one who will tell us if Aloe vera is good for our cat or if other natural therapies will be of more help.

How can aloe vera help cats with leukemia?

The pulp or “gel” contained in the leaves of the plant is not toxic if given in adequate doses; Rather the complete opposite. It contains active components that are very beneficial for him:

  • Aloetin: will strengthen the immune system.
  • Aloemodin and aloeolein: protect the gastric and intestinal mucosa.
  • Carricina: strengthens the immune system and increases defenses.
  • Saponins: help the body to act against opportunistic infections.

How is it administered?

What we will do is buy organic aloe vera juice suitable for human consumption , since it is the one with the highest quality, and we will administer it orally. The dose is 1 milliliter per kilo of weight, but if you are very sick you can be given 2 milliliters per kilo.

But I insist, it is better to consult with a vet before doing anything



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