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Almo Nature litter, review and opinions on Cat

In recent weeks I have tried the new Almo Nature litter, Cat litter, after hearing and reading various opinions, in this review I will tell you how my test went.

Opinions On The New Almo Nature Natural Litter

I will tell you that I was a bit dubious about this litter, the opinions I had read spoke of too fine sand, dust, high price.

I had read of situations in which the Almo Nature litter was then spread by the cats in front of the litter box, only to find it around the house, like a beach.

Furthermore, the price of the Cat litter seemed to me a bit high compared to other litters.

The bags are 2.27kg, I thought it was a bit small, usually the bags are at least 4kg.

My Experience With Almo Nature Sand

With 2 bags I managed to make the change with the sand that I usually use and then fill the large litter box, in fact I have a large covered litter box, which I keep outside, and is used by my two cats.

The things you notice right away are:

  • the lightness of the bag
  • the fact that the sand is really very very fine and thin

It looks like it beach sand in the video review you can clearly see the difference with the other natural sand I’m using.

The Almo nature Cat litter looks just like a fine, light, soft sand.

I slowly replaced the litter box I usually use and you can see the difference in graininess.

This is a perplexity of many, and it was mine too, for fear that it would get dusty and find the beach around the house.

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Instead I have to say that I had to change my mind, because at home I found absolutely nothing there was a little dust outside the litter box, but I have the litter box outside so no problem, I think that with a mat in front of the litter box everything will be solved, I absolutely didn’t have sand in the house and not even on the fur or paws of the cats.

It is also not dusty, moving it absolutely does not raise dust, it is only very fine.

When you go to clean the litter box, you can see that very dense pellets have formed, even on the freshly made poops.

It really is a very agglomerating litter, it seems that it just dries up the poo, it doesn’t form a wet ball for example with pee, and even the poo gets dehydrated.

The granules of sand, being very fine, pass through the shovel to collect the needs and therefore only the dirt is removed.
Excuse me for showing my cats’ poops, but it’s for the record.

My cats used it without any problem right away, obviously gradually replacing the litter box I was already using.

One truly amazing thing is the fact that even after a couple of weeks of use gradually removing the pallets with poops, absolutely there is no stink!

The odor absorption of the Almo nature cat litter is truly exceptional.

This litter is totally natural, the formula is kept secret, we take our word for it :
Even the bag is biodegradable.

It’s compostable and can be thrown in the toilet, obviously not all the litter, I only threw away the agglomerated poops, and, as I said, it absorbs odors in an amazing way.


I have now been using the bag for a couple of weeks now and there is no smell at all, when you take the poop out the rest of the sand is totally clean!

Comparative table: ecological litters

In this table I want to make a comparison between the ecological litters that I have tried, you can find the comparison between the format, the price and the reviews.

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