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Have you ever turned to your cat and seen him with his tongue out? A slightly funny scene, there’s no doubt about that, but know that it could hide several meanings. And there are cases in which it is important to know them and intervene: his health depends on it.

There are felines that show their tongue from an early age, a behavioral habit that shouldn’t arouse suspicion or concern. But in other circumstances it could also hide problems of a certain size.

It can happen sporadically, or it can be a frequent behavior. Let’s find out why the cat sticks his tongue out and when we should consider it a wake-up call. Be careful, however, any diagnosis must be made by the vet. Nothing DIY or hearsay.

Cat With Tongue Out, Knows The World

There are circumstances in which the cat sticks out its tongue because it represents a means to “explore” and learn about the world around it. To better understand this particular feature of Miao, we understand what are the anatomical characteristics of his mouth.

All felines have a particular sensory organ called Flehmen’s organ, which they activate whenever they perceive a very intense smell, or in any case a high concentration of pheromones. At that moment Micio collects data on his tongue, and then bring them to the organ located at the back of the mouth, just below the nose. And at that point he “analyzes” the information as if he were equipped with a very elaborate computer!

Cat Sticks His Tongue Out Because He Forgets It

cat with tongue out

The cat’s tongue has another peculiarity that explains why sometimes Micio pulls it out, leaving it dangling. As is known (especially when the cat is always licking you), the tongue of cats is rough because on its surface there are dozens and dozens of tiny taste buds that look like little hooks to the touch, and that even impress someone the first few times.

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One of the reasons that explain these “weevils” is linked to the wild ancestors of Micio, who had to hunt their prey and strip their flesh and bones to survive. But the rough tongue is for cats also to clean up! And in fact they spend far too much time licking each other. Speaking of which, that’s why the cat bites and then licks. Very simply, therefore, it can happen that our four-legged friend, after using it, forgets it and does not put it back in his place.

Cat With Tongue Hanging Out When Sleeping

cat sleeps with tongue out

The scene is nothing short of hilarious. But, yes, it happens: the cat sticks his tongue out even when he sleeps. It’s not uncommon to see our beloved furballs in this one a bit surreal situation: If Miao is resting or sleeping soundly, her tongue may stick out of her mouth because her jaw relaxes too much by loosening her grip.

We are talking about an involuntary reaction, consequent to his state of complete relaxation. Therefore, if we notice this behavior in the cat while it sleeps or when it wakes up, let’s not worry because it is a completely natural thing that ends the moment it resumes its activities.

Teeth, When The Cat Sticks Its Tongue Out

kitten sticking out its tongue

This, however, is one of those cases that must be monitored and addressed (if the vet deems it appropriate). Even Micio can have disorders and problems of a different nature (and gravity) which, of course, test his health. Sometimes the feline has a nuisance that we cannot interpret if we do not study the language of cats well.

Just like humans, cats can also have dental problems – from gingivitis to tooth decay, to tartar and other ailments caused by dirt – so it is not uncommon for them to try discomfort, even pain. They may have a sore tongue or palate, or a sore tooth from an infection or maybe a broken tooth.

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It could be too an age issue. An older cat generally sticks its tongue out when it is a little toothless, so as it lacks teeth it is unable to keep it in its natural position. On the other hand, if, on the other hand, the cat is small, its tongue most likely comes out when he is putting in his first milk teeth.

Cat With Tongue Out Because It’S Hot

cat is hot

The cat with its tongue out in summer, could risk heatstroke which, if neglected, can lead to dehydration and even death. Just like us bipeds, even Micio can suffer from excessively high temperatures, especially if he doesn’t have the possibility to find a shady corner in which to shelter and he hasn’t drunk enough.

The problem can arise with all cats, but in some specimens the risk is greater, as in small kittens for example. The same is true for older and overweight cats. It is a condition that must be monitored, seeking the opinion of the veterinarian.

Cat Sticks His Tongue Out In Stress

Cats have a very particular body language that is important to know in order to decipher uncomfortable situations or stress. And yes, the stressed cat can keep his tongue out of his mouth even when he feels distressed and is experiencing a situation that severely tests his psychophysical balance.

All the news and changes in general, such as a move to another house or even a simple visit to the vet, can lead cats to react in a specific way, sending us unequivocal signals. That’s why we always say that Micio needs a routine to feel safe and because anything that goes beyond his normal habits can make him nervous and anxious.

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Many People Have Asked Us: When It Comes To Diseases

cat with tongue out

As cute and funny as it may seem, a cat with its tongue out in some cases could be subject to ailments or diseases with which there is very little to joke about. Let’s think about the older specimens who often suffer from hypoxia, i.e. unable to breathe adequately. In this case it is good to intervene urgently because the poor oxygenation could prove dangerous especially if accompanied by rales, for this reason it is better to take him to the vet immediately!

Is Your Cat Sticking Its Tongue Out Because It’S Choking?

The same situation is common in young cats, when they inadvertently ingest a foreign body that blocks the passage of air. As well as when, by ingesting an insect with a sting, Micio is stung inside the mouth and swells, until he can no longer breathe properly.

Has The Cat Suffered A Trauma?

The feline can also stick out its tongue following a trauma, or when it comes into contact with poisonous substances (pesticides, detergents) which can cause real cat poisoning. Any irritating agent, coming into contact with the oral mucous membranes, causes disturbances that can even become serious. Also in this case we have to bring Miao to the clinic as soon as possible.

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