Aggression of cats towards people, how to treat it?

Surely you have ever met a cat that, despite living with a family, had a very low tolerance for contact that became aggressive when you touched it, even if it was just a touch. This is a much more common reaction than you think, so in the event that we come across such an animal, we cannot force it to let itself be touched , otherwise we would end up with a scratch and / or bite.

The aggressiveness of cats towards people must be treated, with patience, with games and with other methods that we will explain. You have to respect the animal at all times; Only then can we get him to change his behavior, or at least not to be violent towards humans.

Causes of the cat’s aggressiveness towards people

Before treating her, find out why she behaves like this. There are cats that simply do not want to be petted, just as there are people who do not like physical contact very much, but there are others who have suffered abuse by a human and therefore have developed an intense fear of them .

Another reason may be because you feel pain or discomfort in some part of your body. So, it does n’t hurt to make a visit to the vet to see if something really hurts. In the event that everything is fine, it will be up to us to determine the cause of his aggressiveness: abuse in the past (or present), or habitual behavior in him.

It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. I’ll tell you why: a cat that has been abused, or that is being abused in the present, in addition to being aggressive towards people, you will also see that it trembles at certain times, that it stays away from the family, that it does not have much appetite, or he even relieves himself off the tray. This is an animal that lives in fear, and it will take a lot of patience and, perhaps, the help of a feline ethologist to regain confidence in itself.

How to treat aggressive cats towards people

Regardless of the cause, we must bear in mind that by yelling or hitting him we are not going to get anything . So to treat it we are going to resort to methods that will not be harmful. For example:

Spend time with him

A cat that is aggressive towards its keepers will soon stop being aggressive if they play with it, if they spend time with it. Of course, we should never use our hands, but we will always put a toy (a fishing rod, a box, a stuffed animal) between us and the furry one. Also, from time to time we will reward him with something that he likes a lot , such as cans for cats.

Identify the signs of feline aggression

A cat that is feeling uncomfortable and / or becoming aggressive will start hitting the ground with the tip of its tail from one side to the other, its gaze will turn fixed towards its ‘opponent’, its hair will stand on end, its ears You will have them back (in case you are afraid or feel insecure) or forward (if you are prepared to attack). Also, it will show its fangs and stick its claws out. It can hiss, scratch and / or bite, so the best thing to do is anticipate and leave it alone .

Natural tranquilizers for cats

If our cat is nervous or has a tendency to be aggressive, not only will we have to take care of it and have a lot of patience, but we can also help it to be calmer by doing the following:

  • Spraying the house with essential orange oil, or buying candles that have this oil.
  • Adding 4 drops of Bach Rescue Remedyto your food or water.
  • Pheromonetreatment . These products can be found in veterinary clinics or pet stores.

The aggressiveness of cats towards people can be corrected by being patient and respecting the animal 🙂.



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