Advantages of wet cat food

When we bring a new cat home one of the first doubts that assail us is whether we should give it dry or wet food, since, although both can have all the nutrients that our friend will need to stay healthy and strong, they have above all an important difference. The degree of humidity that one has and the other is very different, so it must be taken into account when choosing the type of diet that we want it to follow.

In this sense, the advantages of wet cat food outweigh the disadvantages. Let’s see what they are.

Wet cat food is often used more as a treat, since the price of the cans is much higher than the kilo of dry food has. However, they are much more recommended as they contain more water (around 80%, while dry food contains 40% more or less).

The cat is an animal that, in the wild, ingests much of the water it needs through its prey, but at home it has no opportunity to hunt. In fact, if we only feed him dry feed, he could have serious problems , such as kidney stones, from not drinking enough. That is why it is so important to always have a drinker full of fresh, clean water and make sure that he drinks.


But if we give him quality wet food, that is, that does not have cereals or by-products, the risk that he will end up having health problems derived from dehydration is practically non-existent . In addition, it contains more proteins, fats and carbohydrates than dry food; And that’s not to mention the intense smell that attracts you as soon as you open the can.



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