Advantages of adopting an adult cat

So you’ve already made the decision to adopt a cat. I can only congratulate you, because you do not know how lucky you are to be able to live with one of the most wonderful animals in the world.

However, you are likely thinking of taking a kitten home with you. And it is no wonder: they are so cute and cuddly! But … whatever decision you make, let me first tell you the advantages of adopting an adult cat . It will be just a couple of minutes

It’s not going to change

It’s like this: what you see is what you take with you . The kitten is very handsome, very cute, funny …, but perhaps he is too active for you or your family. The adult cat is generally a much calmer animal, who will prefer to be pampered rather than play.

It is very clean (too even)

An adult cat spends a lot of time grooming itself , and it does it after eating, after getting up, after being petted,… Seriously, if you want to take home a clean furry cat, an older cat will be your ideal friend. The kitten until he is at least six to seven months old, he will not care much about being a little dirty.

Knows how to use the litter tray

When the kitten sees a tray full of sand, what it does is, in addition to its needs, “play” with it . Well, more than playing is getting a lot of sand out of the sandbox. The adult cat is not going to do that, because it knows well what the sandbox is for and, of course, it will be much cleaner than the small feline.

Not all kittens get along with children

The way children play, especially if they are young, is very rough. It’s normal, they are like that. But this can frighten the kitten, which in case of feeling bad will not be able to escape; On the other hand, the adult cat can. Anyway, you always have to teach the little ones to treat animals well, and vice versa.

It may be your last chance

Animal shelters are full of adult cats and bagpipes, but there are usually more adults than kittens. Why? Because the little ones are adopted much more quickly. Older cats don’t have it easy. Many may have been living with a family and are now lonely and depressed, heartbroken for whatever reason .

Really, before adopting, think about them. Think of the adult cat. This animal will give you the same or more affection than the kitten, because it knows that you will be saving it from almost certain death.



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