Adoption of purebred cats

Normally, when we talk about adopting cats, we think of furry mongrels or crossbreeds who have had the bad luck of ending up or being born on the street and are now in cages waiting for someone to take them home. But what if I told you that there are also purebred cats in shelters and kennels?

The adoption of purebred cats is, of course, not as common as it is (or should be) that of crossbred cats, but it is a practice that exists. So before buying a cat, do not hesitate to visit the animal shelters in your area. Next I will explain what is usually asked of the adopter .

A purebred cat, although obvious, is a cat. What does this mean? Well, it needs exactly the same care as any other cat. Perhaps the advantage of it being a breed is that you can know in advance what size it is going to be, or what its character may be like. Still, you have to bear in mind that purebred cats that end up in animal shelters (kennels and shelters) are usually adults , so they already have a defined personality.

Why is a purebred cat taken to a shelter? For the reasons that any other animal takes:

  • They cannot attend it (or have tired of doing it)
  • Misbehaves
  • You have a health problem that you cannot pay for treatment
  • Economic problems
  • Move
  • The son or daughter pays no attention

To avoid that the cat ends up suffering the consequences of a bad decision, the family has to meet BEFORE adopting or buying the cat so that EVERYONE has an opinion on the possible incorporation of a cat into the family , in addition to its education.

What is asked of the adopter? Basically, seriousness and commitment . If you are adopted from a Protector, they will make you sign an adoption contract, by which you agree to take proper care of the animal. In addition, you may be followed up to make sure that the furry is really in good hands.

Did you know that purebred cats could be adopted?



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