Acana feed characteristics

When taking a cat home it is important that we already have in mind what type of food we are going to give it, whether natural food or feed. In the case of opting for the latter, we will quickly realize that there are many brands, and although they all promise the same, the reality is that the ingredients vary a lot, and they are not always good.

To make it easy for you to choose one, in this article we are going to talk about Acana , which is a very popular brand of food for dogs and cats.

What is the origin and history of Acana?

This brand of feed began its journey in business at the beginning of the 21st century in the lands of Kentucky, the ranches of the Appalachians and in the cold waters of the Atlantic that bathe the coast of New England. His objective was to make a feed with biologically appropriate ingredients for our furry companions , since from World War II until … well, until today, those that were used and are used a lot are those that sooner or later cause them problems, such as the cereals.

And it is that cats, as well as dogs, are carnivorous animals , since always. It is true that dogs, in recent decades, have become used to eating a little of everything, but that does not mean that they no longer need meat. But let’s focus on felines, which is what a blog about them is for

These wonderful furry animals do not eat food rich in rice, corn, barley, etc. Your digestive system is not prepared to digest cereals , and that is why diseases such as urinary infections or stones appear over time.

Acana flavors for cats

What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving Acana to the cat?


The advantages are the same as if we gave it any other biologically appropriate feed :

  • Healthy and shiny hair
  • Better mood
  • Strong white teeth
  • A stronger immune system


  • Vomiting, which usually appears if the feed is abruptly changed.
  • He doesn’t like it, so he spends money for nothing.
  • The price is high, although from time to time there are offers.

How to choose the cat food?

Choosing what your cat is going to eat is, from my point of view, even more complicated than buying a scratching post or a bed. There are so many varieties that it is difficult to choose one! Because, of course, one thing is what it looks like to us, and quite another what it will look like to the feline. But in order not to make mistakes, it is very important to always keep in mind what we have already commented before: that it is a carnivore.

It makes no sense to give it a feed rich in cereals because it is not a goat, but a cat ( here you have more information about it). Therefore, before opting for one, we must look at the label of the ingredients, and see that they contain a minimum of 70% meat , if it is fresh, better, but dehydrated is not bad either. Of course, if we see that they include »flours of …», »by-products» or any type of cereals (corn is usually the most common) and / or gluten, the ideal thing would be to leave it in the store, or give it to herbivorous livestock if we have.

And it is that for a feed to be cheap it must be made with cheap ingredients, such as corn. But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s good, no matter how hard they try to fool us with their “whole food” or “premium food” messages. Few feed today can proudly bear the ‘premium’ or ‘super-premium’ label.

Do I think dry or wet?

This depends a lot on each one, as well as the cat of course. If we are people who do not have a lot of free time and / or we want the animal to always have food at its disposal, we will give it dry feed , because this way especially in summer we will not have to worry about ants or other insects. Another different situation could be that we have a furry person who does not drink enough water, or who for whatever reason does not want to eat dry feed; then the cans would be good to give them.

With meat or fish flavor?

Again, it depends, especially on the cat. For example, mine don’t like fish-flavored feed. Now you can insist what you want that they are not going to eat it, no matter how premium they are; on the contrary, the red meat ones love them. So, to avoid spending a lot of money or wasting a lot of time, I recommend getting small sample sachets of different flavors and see which one you like best .

Big or small bags?

From experience, I advise you to buy large bags , because although at first you think that it is to pay a significant amount of money, in the short term they represent an interesting saving . In addition, they usually make very good offers, and since in addition, if the feed is of quality, it satisfies you before, a bag can last you a long time.


Not always the more expensive a feed is, the better it will be . What’s more, sometimes you can find supposedly quality brands that have not too good ingredients, but that nevertheless sell for very high prices. I repeat: don’t be fooled. Read the label of the composition, and based on that, decide what to buy.

But beware: don’t be obsessed either . If you do not have the budget to buy a real premium feed, look at the mid-range or even low-end feed, or better: give it natural food. Leftovers, as long as they are meat or fish without bone / bone and do not contain any other ingredients (such as garlic, onion, or etc.) will not do you any



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