Abscesses in cats

Cats, like people, are prone to skin irritations. While they can often be treated with ointments and creams, an abscess can form if irritation worsens or if bacteria invade the skin. An abscess can also occur when a cat becomes infected from a variety of lesions, and it can be found in virtually any part of an animal’s body. It is important to note that while superficial wounds are quite common in pets, they can be problematic if infected and left untreated.


Symptoms and types of abscesses in cats

Cats are more likely to experience abscesses, as they tend to fight other cats when roaming outdoors, and a fighting wound can be susceptible to a bacterial infection if left untreated. However, animals can also develop infections from relatively minor abrasions.

Pasteurella multocida is the most common bacteria that causes skin infections. Another cause of skin irritation in pets is Staphylococcus intermedius, which can usually be treated with topical ointments. However, if any of these bacteria get into the skin, the infection becomes a serious problem . If the wound is left untreated, a painful abscess will form in response to bacterial invasion.

Diagnosis of abscess in cats

Your vet will take a swab test of the infected area to determine the strain of bacteria present. Also, a standard blood test will usually be done to see if the infection has migrated into the bloodstream. Once a proper diagnosis is made, your vet will prescribe a suitable treatment plan.

Abscesses in Cats: Treatment

Initially, most skin problems can be treated with topical solutions and ointments, but when the problem worsens, such as when bacteria have penetrated the tissue or infected the blood, alternative treatment options will be considered.

You will need to take your cat to the vet so the wound can be properly cleaned, drained, and rinsed. This will prevent deeper infections and complications. Your vet will also prescribe antibiotics to control bacteria. If the abscess is severe or deep in the skin, clindamycin may be recommended as a more aggressive mode of treatment.

Abscesses in cats: Conclusion

If your cat has cuts or wounds, first assess whether they are deep or shallow. If they are superficial, there are several over-the-counter antibacterial ointments formulated for pets that can be used to help reduce the chance of an infection.

There are also some dips and shampoos that can treat the entire surface of your cat’s skin. If you take your cat to the vet and are prescribed antibiotics, be sure to complete the entire course of the prescription to prevent bacteria from returning.



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