Abdominal cramps in cat

Like humans, pets often suffer from abdominal pain and stomach cramps . Cats are just as susceptible to abdominal colic as babies and should be given close attention as it can cause extreme discomfort and can be potentially life threatening if not treated immediately.

But what causes this abdominal pain? Abdominal cramps, or colic, are generally the result of feeding your pet foods that are not recommended for cats, such as leftovers, candy, or highly seasoned foods. In the same way, if your cat has ingested garbage, dead animals, or household detergents, they can also suffer from these pains in the stomach.


In addition, colic can be caused by infections , parasites, viruses and other diseases such as liver failure, kidney disease, ulcers, etc.

If you begin to notice that your cat has a swollen and inflamed abdomen , that he has lost his appetite, that he feels weak and has even collapsed from the pain he feels, pay close attention as your kitten may be suffering from abdominal pain.

The treatment that will surely be performed on your pet will consist of withholding food for at least 24 hours, so that its stomach is completely empty. Once this time has passed, your pet will be fed a soft diet based on rice and chicken cooked without fat.

It is very important that you visit your veterinarian at the moment you begin to notice the aforementioned symptoms because if these cramps are not treated in time they can cause serious damage




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