A cat travels 40 miles to return home

Many think that cats are lonely and interested animals. Nothing is further from reality. There are many news in which these little animals surprise us with their loyalty lessons. If you don’t believe it, we encourage you to continue reading. Today we bring you news that will surely leave you speechless.

Garfield’s story has gone viral, garnering millions of views on social media. And it is that when a cat proposes something, he does not stop until he reaches it. Our protagonist, 3 years old, knows this well. Although his adoptive family showered him with care, he was determined to return to Neil Payne and his wife Leasa .

Garfield, an off-road cat

On June 8, a couple from Shillington, United Kingdom, decided to give their cat as a gift after the emancipation of their children. They wanted to resume their youth travels and looked for a good family for this European with orange tones and green eyes. They found her in Enfield, north London, about 40 miles from her home.

On June 20 Garfield disappears, but do not be sad because after no more and no less, 7 weeks the kitten shows up at the door of his original home with tears in his eyes . Yes, as you read it. He missed his owners so much that he did not hesitate to travel the 40 miles that separated them.

At first Neil could not believe what he saw and convinced that it was just another cat with a similar appearance to Garfield played down the event. Possibly the distance between the two towns had a lot to do with it, it’s logical. However, when Leasa called him by name, he jumped into her arms. There was no doubt that it was him.

Garfield cat

A viral news

After this declaration of unmitigated love, the marriage has reconsidered its decision and has chosen to stay forever with this little hero, claiming that he has made it clear that he wants to live in what he considers his only home. The welcoming family has come to show up at the Paynes’ home to inquire about Garfield .

They have been able to do little, the decision is already made. The Sun newspaper was the first to echo this news, and it was followed by the rest of the British newspapers. It is not for less. The feat of this kitten confirms that these animals forge solid and lasting bonds of attachment with their guardians.

Attachment in cats

We are not going to affirm that felines feel like humans, because their perception of the reality that surrounds them is different from ours. However, it is undeniable that the interaction that occurs in coexistence with its human family generates in the cat an unbreakable affective bond, unless you throw everything to the ground by mistreating it .


If you provide food, peace of mind to rest, take care of his hygiene, play with him, caress him and treat him with affection, your pet internalizes that you feel safe and loved. Consequently, he associates you with positive emotions like security, well-being, and comfort and appreciates your company.

With this, we want to point out that although their behavior is not as outgoing as that of dogs, felines miss their guardians, enjoy their company and express their love through genuine and sometimes surprising behaviors. Do you still think that cats are elusive and lonely animals?


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