A cat that urinates everywhere takes revenge on its master: true or false?

A Cat That Urinates Everywhere Takes Revenge On Its Master: True Or False?

Your cat, which until now had always urinated in its litter box, pees all over the house. For what ? Is he upset? Does he want revenge on you? The answer is no. A cat that urinates everywhere may have a dirty litter box or an undiagnosed health problem. Here are all our tips for identifying the cause of your cat’s uncleanliness and remedying it.

Why Does My Cat Urinate All Over The House?

The cat is quite naturally a clean animal. Besides, you have to wash yourself every day! For its needs, the cat normally uses a litter box. But yours seems to have forgotten this rule. He urinates everywhere in your interior: on the floor, the sofa, the beds and even the clean laundry. This bad habit annoys you because it is unhygienic and it leaves an unpleasant odor in the house. But why is he doing this? Here are the possible causes.

Your Cat’S Litter Box Is Not Suitable For Him

If your cat does not relieve itself in its litter box, it may be because it is not suitable. Indeed, you have recently opted for a closed litter box. This is not always appreciated by cats because when they are in it, they cannot see the danger. It is also possible that the chosen litter is too narrow.

The type of litter can also interfere with the cat. Some litters are too aggressive for the pads, others give off a scent hated by felines, and still others are too dusty. One of the first things to do if your cat defecates outside the litter box is to change the litter box.

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Don’t neglect your cat’s litter box. If it’s too dirty, he won’t use it. Here are our tips for good maintenance.

  • Remove your pet’s droppings quickly.
  • Remove litter clumped by urine every day.
  • Thoroughly clean the litter 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Avoid using chemicals that are too strong, the cat must always smell its scent.

If your cat likes its litter box, don’t change it. In addition, it is also essential not to place the litter too close to the bowls.

Your Cat Has Health Concerns

Your cat may be urinating all over the place due to health issues. In this case, he simply cannot hold himself back. Urinary disorders are very common in cats. They can be caused by:

  • A urinary tract infection or cystitis,
  • Kidney stones or tumor
  • A nervous pathology that would prevent the cat from controlling its sphincter,
  • a deformity,
  • A debilitating form of osteoarthritis.

The pathology that affects your cat can also be mental. This is the case if your companion is old. In this case, its uncleanliness is explained by a form of senility. Your cat may also suffer from stress and anxiety. He can pee all over the house because you have adopted a new animal, because a baby has come to expand the family or because a member of the household has left.

My Cat Urinates Everywhere: Does He Mark His Territory?

The cat is clean, but it is also a territorial animal. And to let people know that a territory is theirs, they don’t hesitate to leave their scent…using their urine. Thanks to these actions, he indicates to cats of the same sex who live nearby, or even on his territory, that he dominates. It is very easy to recognize a territorial marking. Indeed, in this case, the cat does not urinate on a surface but in height. It leaves a few streams of urine only. A dirty cat, on the contrary, empties the contents of its bladder in one and the same place.

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Uncleanliness can be explained by:

  • A too early separation from the mother,
  • A daily life in unsanitary housing,
  • Forced use of litter.

Is It Possible For My Cat To Take Revenge?

It is very unlikely that by urinating at home your cat wants revenge. If this happens, then you need to act. Start by checking the litter box. Make sure it is clean and if necessary, take a previous mark. If your cat continues to urinate everywhere, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. This professional will try to identify the pathology that may be involved in the cat’s incontinence. Sometimes the cat is stressed. In this case, it is necessary to take the time to reassure your companion.

You can use treats and petting to reward him for using his litter box. The goal is to encourage it. It is also possible to diffuse pheromones in your interior to make your feline feel better!

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