9 things your cat hates that you may not know

While it is true that all cats have their unique tastes, one could come up with a list of feline fads that apply to most cats.

As in everything, there are exceptions. It is up to us as responsible pet owners to know our feline friends well enough to recognize what they like and what they dislike. We cannot eliminate all that they hate, of course; some things are unavoidable and others are necessary for your well-being.

Here I show you 10 things that your cat hates about your house.

  1. Your habit of making noise

The cat is a calm animal that likes calm. Your cat has a very developed ear . So when you start yelling out of joy, anger, or when you turn up the volume on the TV or stereo, you will be extremely upset and stressed.

Chronic stress from loud noises can cause a number of health and behavioral problems, including nervousness, aggressiveness, or depression, as well as hair loss, poor appetite, and excess grooming.

  1. Your taste for strong smells

The cat has a particularly keen sense of smell   that allows it to perceive smells that you can’t even imagine. And in case you didn’t know, he  hates strong smells .

So with the scents of perfumes, deodorants, cleaning products, smoke, or even food (like garlic and citrus fruits) that you release on a daily basis,  your cat has enough to hate you.

  1. Your love for water

You know, cats are not great lovers of water. We can even say that they avoid it as if it were a plague. The proof, they  drink little and only when they are very thirsty . So when your cat sees you taking hot baths, washing dishes or washing your face with water, not only does he not understand you, but he also finds you “obnoxious.”

Cats do not need to be bathed like dogs and humans, since they know how to keep their grooming up to date.

  1. Leave your cat alone for a long time

We all know that cats are much more independent than dogs . It will be difficult to find your cat waiting for you at the door when you return, and will go “crazy” to see you.

But don’t mistake a cat’s aloof demeanor for a lack of affection for its human companion.

People often assume that a cat can be left alone for one or more days, as long as there is enough food and water, but this is to some extent a myth. Your cat needs some human contact, even if it is very shy and lonely.

If you are very busy, be sure to take a few minutes each day to spend some quality time with your cat. Even 15 minutes of play every few hours will keep you happy and healthy. An even better solution? Consider adopting another cat so you have a full-time companion.

  1. Your cat hates being held like a baby

Some cats like to lie on your lap, or be cuddled and snuggled when you come home from work, but one thing cats hate is being held like a baby.

Being cuddled and held up makes cats feel insecure and eager to get back on the ground. In case you don’t know,  physical contact is above all a sign of dominance in our feline friends.

If you’re not willing to give up, at least just hold it for a few seconds, rather than a longer period of time which is sure to stress you out even more.

. Take him for a car ride

Their piercing meows will wipe out your nerves, but sometimes it’s unavoidable, like visiting the vet or moving house.

For cats who hate car trips , there’s not much you can do to ease their disgust; you just have to endure it until you reach your destination.

For most cats, this experience includes everything they hate: uncertainty, anxiety, confusion, and lightheadedness. Of course, some walks are necessary, such as visits to the vet.

  1. Don’t clean her litter box

If there is one thing that your cat does not compromise with, it is  cleaning its environment,  but also and above all its litter box. Your cat is a  cleaning maniac.

It is important to clean your cat’s litter box every day, or at least every other day, depending on her grooming habits.

Keeping a clean litter box is not just about removing stool, the litter should be replaced about every two weeks.

A dirty litter box is not only dangerous for your cat, it can also be bad for whoever is cleaning it. One of the problems that can arise is overexposure to ammonia, which occurs when urine and feces accumulate. Ammonia is a poisonous gas that can cause mild problems like headaches or nausea, or something more serious, like pneumonia.

  1. Other cats in their territory

All cats have a territorial nature , it is instinct. Even indoor cats have what they perceive as their own “territory,” and they don’t like other cats invading it.

Fortunately, most felines in multi-cat households learn and adapt to sharing territory and getting along. One thing you must do is treat all cats the same; they may notice differences in treatment, and they don’t like that.

Some indoor cats are very confused when they see a cat outside in “their” yard. In that case, close the blinds or distract your cat with his favorite toy.

  1. Stale or spoiled food

Cats don’t like stale or spoiled food. Cats will turn their noses away from canned cat food that has been left open for a long time.

If you find food scraps in her bowl every day, you may be feeding your cat too much food. Try reducing the portion size, throwing out the leftovers after about 30 minutes, and cleaning the bowl well so the next meal smells “fresh.”




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