9 secrets to keep your indoor cat happy

There is a common misconception that cats need to be able to walk outdoors to be happy, but we think most modern felines would disagree.

All the kitty luxuries available today make outdoor life seem a little less… great.

And as a bonus, indoor cats have potentially longer lives because they are less likely to be exposed to disease, cars, and predators than cats that live outdoors.


Here we tell you how to enrich the life of your indoor cat :

1. Give it some space

All cats need a little place that they can call their own. Create a convenient sleeping area in your home especially for your kitty that provides privacy . Make sure it’s located where others can’t sneak in.

Giving your cat her own space will help her feel safe, while fostering her strong sense of independence. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; A bed is a great resting place, and you can put it in an elevated position so that it can feel secure while looking down around it.


2. Add toys

Cats love to play, which means they need lots of toys to entertain themselves! All indoor kittens should have toys of different types , where toys to chase and toys to hide inside stand out.

Some of the funniest toys for people and their cats are interactive toys . And if your cat is crazy about catnip, many toys come with fillers inside for an added treat.


3. Plants

Speaking of catnip, most pet and garden stores carry a variety of catnip plants. If your cat likes to nibble on plants, catnip is much more pleasant for them than indoor plants .


4. Let it scratch

If you have a cat, you most likely have scratch marks on a piece of furniture or wall in your house. Cats love to scratch, it is a natural behavior they engage in to mark their territory, keep their claws in shape and stretch their body.

Help your cat avoid destroying your sofa by providing multiple surfaces to scratch . Some kittens prefer vertical surfaces and others may prefer to scratch horizontally. Try varying the scratchers for your kitty.


5. Channel Your Inner Hunter

While the idea of ​​having all of his meals prepared and served may sound appealing, your feline friend may not necessarily agree.

Cats are predators by nature , so help your kitty fulfill her hunting fantasies by providing prey-like toys (like feathered wands and electric mice). Sit back and watch him stalk and hunt like the tiger he thinks he is!


6. Put a tree for cats

Consider how cats live in the wild when creating your cat’s indoor environment. Cats can be seen outdoors climbing trees, running across lawns, or sitting high so they can observe their territory.

You can mimic these conditions yourself simply by investing in a cat tree. They love them! They can use it for everything, climbing, sitting high, scratching, playing, sleeping, etc.


7. Provide a view to the outside

Make sure to open the blinds on some windows in your home so your cat can observe what is happening outside. It is important that they do not feel enclosed , even if they do not go out, they like to observe the outside.


8. Take him out for a walk

If you still feel like your kitty needs time outside, there are ways to provide it safely. Try training him to walk on a leash . We know it sounds impossible, but it is not necessarily as difficult as you think.

There are special cat harnesses made specifically for this purpose. But before venturing outside with your kitten, check with your vet to see if your cat needs additional vaccinations or parasite control.


9. Spend time with him

Most importantly, make sure you spend as much time as you can with him. Whether it’s playing, petting, grooming, or just hanging out, your cat will be happy that you spend time with him.



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