8 signs your cat is bored

More and more cats live in apartments with no exit to the outside and, therefore, they have no other source of distraction than their owner, and the latter is usually away from home most of the day. Therefore, cats, like humans, can get bored. This boredom is due to loneliness, lack of enrichment and games.

However, contrary to what you may think, the cat is an animal that has a great need to be stimulated , both physically and mentally. If you want to know if your cat is bored and if it is necessary to react, learn to recognize the signals that indicate it!

For you to act if necessary, I will indicate in this article the main 8 signs that your cat is bored.

  1. It becomes destructive

If, as soon as you get home from work, you find your house turned upside down, it’s because your cat is trying to  send you a message: I’m getting bored!

In fact, the cat never engages in destructive behavior for no reason, it may do so to appease itself and signal that it needs company.

  1. Sleep all the time

If your cat sleeps like a kitten, that is, 20 hours a day, you should be suspicious because a cat sleeps a lot, but not as much as a kitten. The adult cat sleeps between 12 and 16 hours a day . 

I suggest you take a look, for a few days, at the length of all your cat’s “naps”. Take data over several days. And then…

Check if: does your cat have more energy? Does he spend time sleeping? The reason may be boredom and that  nothing motivates you  to move from your bed.


  1. Meow differently

A bored cat tends to  meow louder than normal and in a different way .

The cat does not communicate in the same way that we humans do. However, there is a unique form of feline communication, and that is the meow. The challenge is to understand him to better interpret his behavior.

cat meows to “talk” with its owner , but also to ask for food, or to warn of danger.

On the other hand, when a cat is bored, its meow is different, more serious and intense . It’s how it gets your attention. For example, as soon as its owners enter, the cat may meow excessively and continuously until the owners pay attention to it. Meowing allows the cat to remind you that he is there, that he has needs, and that they are obviously not being met.


  1. Is aggressive

Some cats can develop aggressive behavior towards their owners , to claim attention when they get bored. These cats behave like a tiger, and that happens when your cat hides to jump on you. Adopt the behavior of a hunter , playing with you as if you were prey because it is the only entertainment he has at the moment. This can be misinterpreted by owners, when in reality it is just a way to get attention.

It can also happen that your cat chases and fights with other cats in the house and makes life impossible for them, or other small pets.

  1. He licks excessively

The cat is a very clean animal that  enjoys “washing” several times a day . However, some cats can get terribly nervous when bored, especially if left alone, and this stress can cause more hair to shed than normal.

These cats can also  obsessively groom themselves , even pulling strands of their own hair.

Therefore, if you notice that your pet has begun to spend too much time with his “grooming”, it could be a sign that he is down and bored.

In this case, you can spend a little time every day brushing your cat, in this way he will have your attention and you will keep his coat healthy and cared for.


  1. My cat no longer uses the litter box

If you start to see that your cat begins to have  problems with the litter box , this could be the way of telling you that he is not getting enough attention and that yes, he is very bored. But first rule out  any potential medical problems  that may cause this behavior. If there are no health problems, then you can consider boredom to be the cause of this type of behavior.

Your cat may be so stressed from being bored all the time that he develops behavior problems, such as not using the litter box.

  1. He spends the day eating

The cat by nature, regulates its consumption of food. If your cat is glued to the food bowl all day, this is a clear sign that your cat is quite bored.

The days you spend consuming more food than recommended may just be a way to pass the time, which added to not doing adequate routine physical exercise will cause you to have obesity problems.

  1. My cat doesn’t want to eat

Quite the opposite of the above, some cats respond to boredom by showing a complete disinterest in food . Obviously, this is not good for your cat. In this case, you can try changing his diet a bit or offering canned food. It is about motivating him to regain his appetite.


Do you want to avoid boredom for your cat?

Provide New Toys : Puzzle toys that require your cat to work for a treat or other reward are a great way to keep him mentally stimulated.

Build a bird feeder –  cats are predators. They love to stalk unsuspecting prey. Indoor cats cannot hunt, but the best thing to do is to install a bird feeder visible from a window in the house. Your cat will spend hours observing the birds and planning their hunt (which, of course, will never happen ).

Get a cat tree  : Cats love to climb, and being able to hang out in elevated spaces makes them feel calm and in control.

Adopt Another Cat : If your cat is a unique cat, adopting another can ease boredom by providing a playmate. Make sure to choose a cat of a similar age, and introduce them to each other progressively.

Play actively for at least 10 minutes a day : The best thing you can do for a bored cat is to play with him . Despite their independence, cats want and need the attention of their human owners. Grab a toy he can chase and have a little fun!



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