8 photos of unscrupulous cats who decide to turn the house upside down

Give him a little chance, a little window to make some trouble, and our cat friends won’t disappoint you

For cats it’s superfine fun, for us it’s a pain unfortunately to be accepted; we’re talking about the destruction that our very nice (should feel a pinch of irony in this case) little friends put in place whenever they simply feel like it. A demolition which often concerns the home, without scruples.

Anyone who has a cat at home knows it well, they tend most of the time to underline (in their own way) what doesn’t suit them. Is a bottle out of place? Goes down smoothly; Is a vase too bulky and obstructs the passage of the feline? He takes care of it with a “paw” of his! Is a box you need in an inappropriate place? Sorry for you.

These are just some of the examples that could be cited when dealing with such a large-scale topic. Cats and devastation go hand in hand, probably for centuries. However, it is the network that has made us discover this aspect of them even more peculiar, well, let’s use this adjective. So are you all ready? So let’s get started!

Poor Curtain…

He hadn’t done anything wrong, at least in theory

Well, As Long As It Comes To Water Packaging…

cat breaks water bag

Let’s hope it doesn’t lead to anything else

A Few Lines Would Not Be Enough To Describe This Scene

cats assault curtain daddy

We can only express solidarity with that poor man who is trying to take a shower

He Swears He Didn’T Do Anything

cat breaks blue vase

Do we believe him?

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Chaos And Destruction In One Image

cat toilet paper destruction scene

How to represent them better than this?

He Didn’T Like The Gift

red cat and white box

I think he implied it

The Bengal Box Wrecker!

bengal cat mouth wide open

No box is safe with this kitty around

Ah Crooked Pictures, A Modern Form Of Torture!

black cat distorts diamonds

Anyone could be to blame, but instead…

These pictures must have made you reflect on many things, for example on the fact that that precious set of glasses found in the glassware isn’t all that safe…Obviously we’re joking (not entirely); cats can make some trouble but it is not a constant, indeed. Even in chaos, they know how to have fun and that’s the most important thing.

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