7 breeds of snub-nosed cats You will love them

With their flattened noses, flat faces, and large, round, bulging eyes, so-called brachycephalic cats are very cute cats. However, the shape of their face exposes them to serious health problems, especially at the respiratory level.

In recent years, some flat-faced cats, or brachycephalic cats, have been bred with flatter faces, perhaps in a misguided attempt to create the next “internet celebrity” cat. Unfortunately, this has resulted in highly brachycephalic cats with markedly malformed heads and a host of medical problems.

Focusing on the sweetness of these cats, here I will show you 7 short-nosed cat breeds that you will love.

#1. Scottish Fold Cat

In addition to having a slightly flattened face, the Scottish Fold has the distinctive feature of having its ears folded, which makes it unique in the world. Very affectionate and particularly sociable, he can live with other animals without any problem. But what makes him really adorable is his gentle and calm temperament, devoid of aggressiveness.

#2. The Persian cat

Majestic, that is the word that best suits to describe the Persian cat. The Persian is the glamorous cat of the cat world. His beautiful, smooth coat, sweet face, and calm personality have come together to make him the most popular breed of cat.

With high maintenance demands and some recurring health problems, but for many of us, their looks and personality outweigh those drawbacks.

Despite her stubborn and independent side, she has a sweet and kind temperament. Discreet, affectionate, and often lazy, he makes an ideal family companion.


#3. Exotic shorthair cat

With its round face and large eyes, the Exotic Cat seduces us. Of nature quiet and reserved , perfectly adapted to the inner life of the home. Also,  they particularly like solitude . It does not require any special care other than occasional brushing and regular feeding.

They are also quite loyal and loving , which means that they will likely want to spend time with you. Despite these things, this cat does not always seek warmth. Rather, they prefer cool places to stretch out and spend time, which means they’re unlikely to try to snuggle into your lap.

#4. Himalayan cat

As a result of a  cross between a Persian and a Siamese , the Himalayan has an unusual physique. In fact, it looks like the Persian, but has the black mask so characteristic of the Siamese.

The Himalayas are personable, intelligent, and loving. They love to lie on their owners’ laps and get caresses on their long, silky coat of hair.

These kittens are usually shy and prefer a calm environment. If you have children, be aware that Himalayan cats love to be paid attention to by children, but they don’t like rough play. They do not like loud noise and are shy around strangers.


#5. Selkirk Rex

In addition to having curly hair, the Selkirk Rex has a flat face. Pleasant  and  sociable , this cat likes to live in a family where he is the center of all the attention.

They are well known for their kind and affectionate nature . He has a calm and stable character, he is affectionate and faithful. Also, if you have children, it is a suitable breed , as it is very patient and supports children’s games well.


# 6. The British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is more famous for its round cheeks than its flat face. Cat that has  many qualities : calm, patient, affectionate, tolerant.

It is a cat with a moderate level of activity. They are also very affectionate, and will often cuddle with you for a hug and become very attached to their owners.

They will follow you from room to room, they are very much like dogs.

# 7. The Munchkin

The Munchkin is the smallest domestic cat in the world. And for good reason, despite a normal-sized body, he has   very  short legs . Its temperament is similar to that of a  kitten : it is very playful, lively, curious and always in a good mood.

Most are sociable, playful, and like human and animal company. They are also curious cats, and they will want to explore every corner of your house.




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