7 breeds of cats without tails that will surprise you

Most cat lovers haven’t been lucky enough to come across cats that naturally don’t have a tail, so when you do come across one, prepare to be surprised.

We all have an image of what a cat should look like: you know, perky ears, round, almond-shaped eyes, and a long tail that continually wags. So, when you end up meeting a cat without a tail , you ask yourself: has something happened to this cat?

Well no, surely it is one of the few breeds of cats without a tail . You are lucky, they are few and difficult to see.

Ready to meet these beautiful tailless cats ? Keep reading.

  1. Manx cat

The Manx, or cat of the Isle of Man in the British Isles, is regarded as a symbol. The breed has appeared on coins and stamps, and continues to appear on many tourist items that serve as an emblem of the Isle of Man.

The most distinctive feature of the Manx cat is its lack or near absence of a tail. The reason for the Manx cat’s lack of a tail is believed to be a dominant regressive gene.

With a Manx in the house, you have a “guard cat” that reacts quickly and will growl or attack if it sees or hears something out of the ordinary.
The Manx is a friendly and affectionate cat that enjoys serene surroundings. That does not mean that it is inactive. This is a happy and playful cat who likes to follow his favorite person around the house.


  1. Mekong Bobtail Cat

It is a medium-sized cat, it originated in Russia, it is a widely spread breed in Southeast Asia, Iran, Iraq, China, Mongolia, Laos, Burma, Vietnam.

The Mekong Bobtail can be considered as the short-tailed variety of Siamese cats . They are very athletic and medium-sized cats, with a graceful pom-pom or brush-shaped tail. They are playful cats, calm sociable.

The Mekong Bobtail is a quiet, friendly cat with a balanced character. He is very affectionate with his owner and loves to play.

  1. American Bobtail cat

American Bobtails are loving and incredibly intelligent cats with a prominent wild look. They are extremely interactive cats that bond with their human family with great devotion.

American Bobtails are known for their love of games and can play hide and seek for hours on end.

They are a breed that can be trained to go out on a leash, and they love to go for walks with their people. A quiet breed, they get along well with most dogs and even newcomers to the home.

  1. Cat Pixie Bob

The Pixie Bob breed is believed to have originated from the accidental mating of a bobcat and a farm cat in Washington state, which produced a kitten named Pixie, owned by Carol Ann Brewer. Pixie became the founding mother of the breed in 1985.

Pixie Bobs are an intelligent breed that is often thought of as a dog because they are so loyal to their people. 

They like children and are strong and active enough to be good playmates. Just make sure the kids treat you with the respect they deserve.

It is not uncommon to see them play fetch or learn to walk on a leash. They tend to get along well with other cat-friendly cats and dogs.


  1. Cymric cat

The Cymric is considered the long-haired variation of the Manx cat . Therefore, it shares the same place of origin – the Isle of Man. The long-haired characteristic occurred several centuries ago due to a mutation that occurred in the Manx cat population.

The Cymric breed is known for its intelligence and fun-loving personality. These cats will get along well with other pets, including dogs, and are loyal and talkative with their human family.

These cats generally make wonderful family pets as they are not aggressive and are very gentle, making them the perfect cats to have around children.

  1. Japanese Bobtail

The first Bobtail cats are said to have arrived in Japan as gifts from the Emperor of China to the Emperor of Japan. They have been known in Japan for at least 1000 years.

Their short tails were a natural phenomenon that later became established through selective breeding.

The Japanese Bobtail is an active and affectionate cat that will “speak” to you with a soft and cheerful voice, and will surprise you with the variety of its feline vocabulary. It’s not loud at all, but it has a lot to say and a wide range of tones to say.

The Japanese Bobtail is playful and intelligent, he likes to play with water, he is a cat that will learn tricks and even walk on a leash if he thinks it is something fun.

  1. Kurilian Bobtail Cat

Their lineage originates from the Kuril Islands, which are claimed by both Russia and Japan.

This breed began to gain popularity in the late 1980s, when scientists conducting field research on Kuril Island decided to bring some specimens back to the mainland for observation.

Kurilian Bobtails are intelligent felines with a cheerful character, who generally choose one person as their owner. Therefore, Kuriles are  ideal pets for single people. 

They are kind cats with children, they do not hurt them, patient and tolerant.

Love of water is another characteristic trait of the Kurilian Bobtail cat.




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