7 Benefits of Buying an Automatic Cat Food Feeder

After spending the day playing, running, jumping, scratching, licking and most of all sleeping, feeding time is probably the most important time for your cat . The sound of the food that you drop into the bowl is like soft music that resonates in his ears, you know how important it is for your cat to arrange his food regularly during the day.

What if one day you have to come home late and your furry friend can’t find food in his feeder? What will your cat think of you if you go to sleep without having served its daily ration?

You have the solution when you buy an  automatic feeder for cats.

In this article I list the benefits of its use, likewise, I refer you to an excellent selection of automatic feeders made by Comederoautomatico7.com so that you can make the best decision for you and your cat.

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  • Benefits of an Automatic Cat Food Feeder
    • Allows control of intake and portions
    • No guilt when you have to change your plans
    • Fresh food for every meal
    • You don’t need to wake up early in the morning
    • Important saving of your time
    • Smaller and more frequent meals
    • Less stress for your cat
  • Conclusion on automatic cat feeders

Benefits of an Automatic Cat Food Feeder

The advantages of automatic feeders are many. If you are a very busy cat owner, you will appreciate the use of these dispensers, since they not only feed your pet, but they allow you to have control over said feeding. Here are the advantages:

1. Allows control of intake and portions

It allows you to provide your cat with a healthy amount of food and control portions. Since you can set the amount and frequency in advance, it is much easier to follow a diet specific to your pet.

You don’t need to divide your daily food intake into several small servings to cover the day. Since you will have more important things, the dispenser will do it for you.

As you control the amount of feed, you also avoid problems for your cat if he is overweight or has a habit of eating too much. If you love your cat, as it is, you don’t want it to be fat because this will cause health complications.

2. No guilt when you have to change your plans

We all lead busy lives, and our schedules sometimes make it difficult for us to follow a routine in feeding our cats, which means that we cannot guarantee that our pet receives his food at the same time every day.

To solve this, automatic feeders release you knowing that your pet will be fed even if you are at work or away from home . You will be able to attend to any unforeseen event that causes you to be away from home, when you know that your cat will receive the same food as always.

Do you want to take a last minute weekend trip, but can’t find someone to take care of it? Set up the automatic dispenser, clean the litter box, and that’s it! Your cat will receive all his meals in the correct amounts when he needs them.

All you have to do is fill the automatic feeder and set the time intervals for the machine to dispense the meals.

3. Fresh food for every meal

Generally, we store a lot of food so that our furry felines can consume for long periods and do not lack. By the time the cat eats the last serving of the food, it is usually stale and no longer pleasant. In most cases, the animals refuse to eat the last remains.

However, with these automatic dispensers, the pet always receives a fresh meal at mealtime, much to their delight and satisfaction.

4. You don’t need to wake up early in the morning

If you have a pet that likes to be fed on time when the sun rises every day (5 or 6 AM), the food dispenser will be very useful.

Some cats even associate their owners with food and incessantly pester them to feed them, even without being hungry. In this way, you will ensure that all the time you are with your cat is because he wants to spend it with you, not because he expects you to feed him.

5. Important saving of your time

You don’t need to spend time calculating the amount of feed your cat needs at each meal . The feeder does it for you. Even if you only save a few minutes, it will allow you to spend more time enjoying your cat’s company each week.

6. Smaller and more frequent meals

With a programmable automatic pet feeder, you can schedule multiple meals with smaller portions adjusted to your cat’s schedule. This can be a good option for cats that get bored throughout the day or even experience some separation anxiety. 

7. Less stress for your cat

All animals, including cats, have well-developed internal clocks. When your cat starts to hang around your feet, he doesn’t need to look at the clock to know it’s time to feed. If it is mealtime and you are not at home, this will cause stress for your cat. The same goes for the days when you fall asleep and focus on making your breakfast instead of feeding your hungry cat.

Take the stress out of both of you by investing in an automatic cat feeder.

Conclusion on automatic cat feeders

Each cat has different food and food needs, and automated feeding devices can be a great way to help meet those needs. Before buying, check the different options for automatic cat feeders to find the one that best suits your budget and the needs of your furry friend.

Consulting with a veterinarian can help you learn more about the pros and cons of automatic pet food containers, and the different ways you can easily feed your pet.




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