6 ways your indoor cat can get fleas

By keeping your cat inside the house you can prevent him from getting lost, fighting with other animals and other problems that are harmful to him. For example, when you have a cat that does not go outside, you might think that it is immune to the dangers of fleas, but nooo! Fleas are still free to feel at home with your indoor cat, and chances are, you’re inadvertently making it easier for them by not being attentive enough.

If you don’t worry about providing your pet with flea and tick prevention because you believe that his inner life will protect him from those parasites, he could have problems …

Below I will indicate some of the ways that your cat can get fleas .

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1. Your clothes

Whenever you go outside, fleas are happy to jump on your socks, grab onto your pants, and go for a walk in your clothes or personal possessions. Fleas and ticks not only cling to people, but also  to clothing and shoes . These can appear in the form of adults, eggs, larvae or pupae, once at home, they just have to drop and approach your cat.

To avoid this, the only solution is to  clean  your home  regularly , vacuuming everywhere (carpets, furniture, drawers …). Also, be sure to change and wash your sheets and towels frequently.


2. If you have another pet

If you have another pet, a dog for example, the chances of fleas from all the other animals living in the house increases dramatically. Even if you have applied a dewormer to your dog, you should know that many flea and tick products take time to kill the parasites and work.

You must not forget that a few fleas or ticks can lay thousands of eggs and put your indoor cat at risk.

Only one pregnant flea can quickly lay 50 eggs and the cycle continues. 


3. Rodents bring parasites into the home

Rodents are unlikely to live in the same environment as a healthy cat for long. But, if there is a rodent infestation around the house (it has happened to me because I have a garden and field mice) and they drop flea eggs where the cat lives, those eggs can hatch and infect the cat.

Although the presence of a cat will help keep rodents away, you can also avoid mice by keeping the kitchen free of litter, keeping the outside of the house clean, using humane traps (poisonous baits can pose a risk to your pet) and by making it difficult for mice to enter the home by using metal screens at openings for pipes and vents and by placing watertight seals around doors and windows.


4. Visits to your cat’s vet

Did you know that flea infestations are one of the most common reasons pet owners take their pets to the vet ? And no matter how “clean” the vet’s premises are, fleas are “adept” at hiding. Taking your indoor cat to the vet for a checkup or vaccination can expose him to fleas, flea eggs, and larvae, all of which you could take home without suspicion.

5. When your cat sits on the window 

Does your cat like to sit by the window? Maybe be near the door? And on the porch? Well, be careful, fleas are opportunists and they are the most incredible bouncers in the animal kingdom. 

Your cat may like to get some fresh air, but this way, too, she is exposing herself to fleas. The solution to prevent fleas from hooking on your cat is to keep your pet’s flea and tick prevention medication up to date . 




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