6 Tips for applying flea and tick products to your cat

As you already know, your cat should be treated every month against fleas and ticks throughout the year . In fact, contrary to popular belief, these parasites are active from January to December. Also, don’t forget that your cat can get infested even indoors.

However, pest control products are controversial because they can be dangerous to your cat, due to their particular chemical composition . There are different types of flea and tick products, including powders, collars, sprays, shampoos, topical liquid products, pills that you take by mouth, and more.

Choosing the right products and using them safely is very important. My problem with my cat Nina was that I applied the pipette in any way, without following safety rules. To avoid that, here are some tips for applying flea and tick products to your cat and thus keep your cat, yourself and other people safe when using them.

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1. Buy the right product

When deciding which products to use for your cat, you should first carefully read the labels on those products . It is very important that you use the correct dosage for your cat and that you buy only products that have been validated for their age, weight and health. 

Take special care if your cat is very young, very old, pregnant, nursing, sick or weakened, or if she has had a previous sensitivity or reaction to any of these products. Reading the product leaflet  is a necessary step to understand the possible  contraindications .

If you make a mistake and provide your cat with a pest control product  for dogs , you can cause serious consequences for their health. You could even  die  … In fact, flea products for dogs are particularly  toxic  to cats.

2. Recheck the label

I insist, cats should never be given products designed for use in dogs. If you have any questions or are not sure which cat products would be best, ask your vet , even if you buy flea and tick products from a pet store or online.

3. Use only the required amount

Once you have read all the package insert instructions for proper application, be sure to use only the amount required for your cat . 

Do not use more product than indicated or mix more than one product at a time. The chosen product should have everything necessary to kill or repel fleas and / or ticks for the period of time indicated on the package.

  1. Avoid accidental contact with the product

If you want to  avoid any reaction, you should use disposable gloves to protect your skin and thus avoid accidental contact with flea and tick products during application. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water after application can also reduce exposure to chemicals. And most importantly, do not allow your children or other animals to play with your cat.

Read the instructions to properly dispose of empty product containers after use, and to prevent children and other pets from touching or playing with the cat after application.

  1. Apply it to the neck, at the height of the head

If the flea and tick treatment consists of a  pipette , you should always apply it to the back of the head, where it cannot be licked.

In fact, if  the product is  swallowed while grooming, it could be very harmful to him.

  1. Check if the application generates adverse reactions

During the hours following the application of the flea and tick preventive product, you should monitor your cat for reactions or sensitivity to the product. This is especially important when using it for the first time.

Keep the product insert for at least one day after application so that you have information on the type of components used, as well as contact information for the product company.

Among the adverse signs that should concern you, if they occur in your cat, are:

  • Vomiting and / or diarrhea.
  • Excessive drooling or foam at the mouth.
  • Severe depression
  • Tremor (seizures)
  • Lack of appetite.
  1. Act quickly if things go wrong

If you notice any unusual behavior shortly after applying a preventative product, call your vet immediately and report the problem.

Bathe your cat thoroughly with shampoo and rinse its coat thoroughly with water.




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