6 stories of cats told in photos that will excite you

The tenderness of these photos that tell stories of really exciting felines is what you need to start the day in the best possible way

The stories which have as protagonists i our four-legged friends they are always beautiful and exciting. For this reason, today we will show you some of them, but we will do it in a completely innovative way. In fact, they are told through truly exciting images.

Explaining them in words is not easy, indeed, we believe it is not sufficient to give an idea of ​​how beautiful they are and, above all, unmissable.

For this reason, without wasting further precious time, let’s immediately start the real show wishing you, as always, a good vision!


At four months old, a passerby found her on the street between life and death and did not hesitate to save her. Today, after battling a nasty infection with strength and courage, she Johanne lives with the woman who saved her.


sweet tender kitty

When the current owners found him, this kitty was so afraid of humans that the two had to try to get close for 10 days. Today, however, he can’t help it!


kitty new life

After being orphaned, things were looking really bad for this kitten. Luckily, shelter volunteers along with vets managed to save her.


kitty before after

Thanks to a gas station attendant who rescued him, fed him and took him to an animal shelter, today Kenny has finally found a family. But how beautiful?


furry orange cat

This gorgeous orange kitty was taking a really big risk a few years ago when he found himself alone in the middle of a downpour. Fortunately, however, fate brought him together with some rescuers and now here he is!

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cat wounds muzzle

Besides being a stray, this poor feline has been through a lot violence by some passersby who enjoyed using it as a target to hit with lead guns. Today, fortunately, for him it is only a distant and sad memory!

Which of these stories told in photos has you excited moreover? Do it know!

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