6 photos that prove that cats are actually our owners

This roundup of laughable feline friends themed photos is not to be missed, so don’t miss it

It’s not the first time we’ve said ours four-legged friends they will rule the world. But how exactly do we say this? Well putting it into words is very difficult, so we’ll let it be something else to prove that cats are actually our owners.

Here in the following lines, in fact, there is one gallery of photos all to look at and that you absolutely must not miss.

So, without wasting any more precious time, let’s get the show started right away, wishing you one as always good vision!

When Your Owners… Um Subjects Compliment Another Feline

Obviously, being our owners, cats expect compliments and affection to be exclusively for them!

“Thanks For The Hot Tub”

kitty water tub

This kitty boasts a royal treatment to say the least. Few boast of such a thing!

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“Wait, The Garden Can Very Well Be Watered After I’Ve Finished My Nap”

high paw feline

Yeah, that little paw looks like a sort of “stop, it’s forbidden to continue!”.

“No Dad, This Is Not The Time For The Puzzle But For Playing Together”

puss puzzle

It must be admitted that this feline has a very effective reminder. Simply put, forgetting to give him attention is impossible.

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Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures!

feline opens kitchen

The owners of this feline, given the numerous thefts from the kitchen shelves, were forced to block the doors with duct tape.

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Enough Technology!

feline versus technology

This kitty, on the other hand, opted for a drastic remedy to get the owners to stop using the phone, that is kidnap him directly!

Let us know which of these cute four-legged friends has you conquered more the Heart: we are super curious!

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