5 photos that prove how cats and snow are totally unrelated

What makes cats totally foreign to snow? Let’s see it together through these very nice photographs

We all know the biggest phobia of ours four-legged friends hairy: the water. And the snow? Apparently she too appears to be in this ranking, at least for the feline protagonists that we’re going to present to you today.

The latter, in fact, do not have a very large relationship with the snow and we will prove it to you through the following and unmissable photos all collected in a roundup to be enjoyed until the end.

So, without wasting any more precious time, let’s get started right away show and to laughter!

When You Realize The Snow Isn’T As Warm As The Floor At Home

In this shot we can clearly admire how our four-legged friends don’t like anything that matches the word “cold” at all.

“Hey Let Me Go Inside, I Thought You Could Eat Snow!”

cat at the door

We can clearly read all his “love” for the winter season and for the snow in his eyes.

“How Long Will This Agony Still Last?”

cute cat

Here instead we have a reaction we could say “indifferent”. He’s clearly impatient but at the same time not at all terrified like the other felines we’ve seen so far!

When You Pause To Reflect On The Meaning Of Life

puss reflection

At least once we have all stood staring at nothing for minutes and minutes. Well, it happened to this feline too: he will surely be reflecting on the meaning of life and why snow exists.

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Tactical Calculations

cat studies

Unlike everyone else, this kitty is taking the measures for a possible jump that will obviously lead him straight into the house. Who knows if the calculations will have been correct?

Well, here we are again today at the end of another journey license plate furry four-legged friends. Speaking of which, which of these has won your heart the most? Let us know!


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