5 photos of cats that will make you want to hug them

Resist the temptation to embrace the cats featured in these photos? Impossible and you’ll soon find out why

You know, resist the tenderness and to the sympathy that has always characterized ours four-legged friends it’s impossible. It’s just as impossible to resist the temptation to embrace them, especially the ones we’re going to present to you today.

Where? Of course, here in the following lines where one awaits you gallery of photos absolutely not to be missed and that we can’t wait to show you.

At the end of the roundup we’re sure you can’t wait to hug them, albeit virtually. Let it bet? Good vision!

A Fought “Love”.

What love is it? Basically this feline, named Jack, doesn’t like baths (like many of his feline friends on the other hand) but at the same time he loves being wrapped in wet towels. What can I say, feline logic!

Find The Intruder

balled-up feline

At first glance, it seemed to us that there was nothing in this photo but, upon a closer look, we realized that there was a feline intruder. Find him!

When Your Parents Try To Wash Your Favorite Toy

kitty washing machine

What is not done for love. In order to take his toy in the washing machine, this kitty plucked up the courage and entered the washing machine.

Original Ways To Be Pampered

kitty belly up

Usually cats like the “classic” method of receiving cuddles from their parents. In this case, however, we have a decidedly innovative method.

Shh.. His Favorite Show Is Here

feline tv

Well, you know, in these cases it absolutely is prohibited disturb. The consequences? Probably anger on the part of the cat with refusal of cuddles for quite a while.

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Well here we are again today at the end of another voyage branded feline four-legged friends. By the way, which of these has won your heart the most? Let us know, we’re really curious to find out even if we may already know the answer!


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