5 Clues to know if your catūüźĪis as smart as you think

Broadly speaking, intelligence is defined as the ability to learn from experience, retain that knowledge, and use it to solve problems in a new environment.

As always we tend to compare cats to dogs. Could they be as smart as dogs? The answer may surprise you.

Cats are not used for search and rescue, police work, or bomb tracking, as are dogs.¬†Just because they have¬†different abilities than dogs doesn’t mean that cats aren’t that smart, and maybe even more so.

The¬†¬†brain of a cat¬†, is small, occupies about 0.9% of their body mass, compared with 1.2% of the average dog.¬†In fact, the complex cerebral cortex of a cat has twice as many neurons as that of dogs.¬†This is the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe brain that interprets information, language, and rational decision-making.

Are some cats smarter than others?  As in all mammals, in cats there are very marked personalities and differences, there are  lines of cats, with families more intelligent than others. It is not about races, but about individuals.

In this article, I show you 5 tips to test your cat’s intelligence.

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1. He is sociable

If your cat  comes to you  when you call him, if he  greets you   when you come home or if he knows that the way to make you happy is to lie down next to you on the sofa, that means that his  social skills  are quite developed, and it is a sign of his intelligence.

Of course, if your cat constantly communicates with you with continuous vocalizations , and through non-verbal expressions, it also shows you that he is intelligent. These vocalizations prove that your cat wants to interact with you, and that social interaction is a sign of intelligence.

2. It is self-sufficient

A cat’s intelligence is also measured by its ability to¬†¬†fend for itself and take care of itself¬†, should it find itself in a survival situation.

If you take a cat and a dog and leave them on the street to fend for themselves for ten days, the cat is likely to come back fat and happy. The dog, on the other hand, if he manages to get it right, it is probably because he was fed by strangers by showing affection.

Does that mean dogs are less fit when it comes to surviving on their own? Not quite. It simply means that cats have a more self-reliant nature , some street smarts, and a knack for taking care of themselves.

Therefore, if your cat is very¬†¬†autonomous¬†¬†and you don’t need to leave him with food reserves and clean litter when you go away on a weekend, it means that he is more intelligent than the average.


3. Is able to learn skills and be trained

Contrary to what you might think, cats can also learn tricks and obey orders. Although they are solely motivated by the reward ,  which has to be something they like, usually treats.

Cats don’t need¬†a pat on the head or other¬†physical reward¬†like dogs do, but that doesn’t diminish their intelligence.¬†Some say that, in fact, it¬†may be a sign of superior intelligence.

Offer your cat a favorite treat and¬†¬†try teaching him some tricks, such¬†¬†as “pawing” or “sitting.”¬†If you do tasks without complaining, you are endowed with superior intelligence.


4. Can express their emotions

Cats, even more so than dogs, are adept at letting you know that something is bothering them. Whether it is a new brand of kitty litter or the absence or presence of someone new in the household causing a change in routine, cats express their opinions in a number of ways. Dogs generally overlook these problems, either because they are less upset by changes in routine or because they are less able to express their discontent.

If your cat is used to interacting with you, communicates his emotions , notices the slightest change in the house and expresses his dissatisfaction, it is a sign of intelligence.


5. Has a good memory

Cats have memory .  In fact, they are capable of remembering many things, the short-term memories of cats are strong, but their long-term memories are even more durable.

In its relationship with humans, it is not uncommon for a cat to show preference or disgust, for people based on previous experiences with them. So cats are pretty good at holding grudges.

So to find out if your cat is smart and has memory, you can try hiding some of his favorite kibbles while he looks at you. Then wait to see if they remember what you did and start looking for the kibbles.



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