13 reasons to love the beautiful Balinese

If your goal is to find a teddy-friend, look no further, your cat is the  Balinese cat . Although noted for its aristocratic appearance, this gentle feline specimen has no interest in spending its days atop a throne; rather, it is a companion to chat with non-stop.


1. The Balinese is a talkative race

The Balinese is a kitten eager to share his visions of the world with you using his soft and sweet voice. Although it has its moments of tranquility, if given the opportunity, it will speak in your ear without stopping …

2. Long-haired version of the Siamese

Balinese is probably familiar to you. That’s because it is a long-haired version of the famous Siamese cat.

3. The origin of his name

The breed’s nickname comes with a fun and very accurate story. One look at the Balinese, and you can see the elegance and agile grace that the breed possesses, for which it was named for the exotic and graceful dancers that inhabit the Indonesian island known as Bali. The interesting thing is that the Balinese is not originally from Bali, but from the United States.

4. So does the Balinese dance?

Although the Balinese has not been recognized as a dancer in himself, he is known for being agile and having delicate ways of acting.

5. About the “coat” of this breed

Believe it or not, the most interesting aspect of the Balinese appearance is not its oversized triangular ears or wedge-shaped head; rather, it is his coat. Long, silky and flowing, the coat never mat; adapts to the body, showing its muscular lines; and ends in an opulent tail.

6. Siamese cats versus Balinese

Other than the length of the hair and the slight difference in vocal tone (Siamese tends to be louder), there is no difference between the two. They share the same personality traits, sapphire gaze, and color points: chocolate, lilac, seal, and blue.

7. This breed has a great personality

Balinese are full of highs: highly athletic, highly sociable, highly intelligent, and highly critical. Don’t let the last one scare you off. Since most people are not well versed in the Balinese language, their tell-everything personality seems more like sweet noise, rather than spilling secrets.

8. Human reader

The Balinese are very sensitive to the moods and emotions of their human beings. Are you feeling depressed? She will use her gift of cat to cheer you up!

9. They are family cats

The Balinese family has to do with its humans, and with its feline and canine siblings, and it likes everyone (regardless of age).

10. Highlight

Besides being a busybody, the Balinese is known to be a great teacher. He loves being in the center of the action, helping his humans with the smallest tasks, and supervising them to make sure everything goes smoothly. He is also not averse to giving advice and will give you a nudge in the right direction if he feels that you are not acting accordingly!

11. This breed is always on the go

There is never a dull moment with the Balinese. Very smart, he loves puzzle games. She is also very athletic, so keep her agility in mind when it comes to playing. Big cat trees enhance her climbing ability, while teaser toys and hunting games keep her on edge. She is also very receptive to training and can easily learn to walk on a leash.

12. Entertainment

While the Balinese style sounds like it needs constant human interaction to survive, it is willing to let you leave the house to work and earn money for food. That said, you should always leave it in the company of entertainment. Toys, cat videos , and a window perch for bird watching, at least until you hear your key turn toward the door.

13. Likes to cuddle nonstop

Do you sit down to watch your favorite TV show? The Balinese will snuggle into your lap. Laying in bed at night? The Balinese will not only get under the covers, but will also rest her head like a human on the pillow.  Who can resist loyalty like that?



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