10 ways your cat shows you love you

It is often easy to detect when cats are fussy or feisty. But what happens when they show pure feline affection? How can we know if our cat loves us?


When cats come into contact with us, they are consciously making a connection between species. But the trick is to recognize, and appreciate, what they are trying to tell you.

Here are ten ways cats show their affection :

1. Rubbing his forehead against you

This feline act of affection, called a “head butt,” is given only to the major limbs in a cat’s life. Your cat will approach you, lower its head, and lean forward so that the top of its head touches your forehead, face, or another part of your body. This loving touch can often release endorphins, in your cat and in you.


2. Cheek rubbing

Think of your cat as a feline graffiti artist. To make your kitty feel at home, she will rub her cheeks against the corners of furniture and possibly your legs or hands when you pet her.

This act causes a kind of oil to come out of his facial glands. It is his way of claiming something as his own.


3. Shaking the tip of its tail

The feline tail acts as a barometer of your mood. The tail swells up when your cat is scared or upset. On the contrary, your cat expresses his love to you when he approaches with his tail raised lazily in the air and the tip twitches.


4. Maintain eye contact and share a gentle blink

Don’t expect a cat to keep a steady gaze on a guest. Cats make eye contact with people they know and trust, like you. The bond is accentuated when your kitty blinks gently at you. This is the equivalent of a kitten kiss . Respond by gently blinking back.

5. Increase the power of the purr

This constant, rhythmic sound made when your cat breathes in and out is often associated with satisfaction. But cats also purr when they need to calm themselves or while nursing.

However, your cat saves the   loudest purr as a smile directed at you . It is his special way of saying, “I love you.”

6. Sitting on you or by your side

Cats crave warm places to sleep, but when they elude a comfortable cat bed or bedroom pillow to perch on your lap or by your side, you must feel loved.

This means that your kitty has evaluated her options and is telling you that she prefers to be with you rather than alone in her cat bed.


7. Knead your lap with your legs

There is no clearer sign of your cat’s love for you than when it perches on your lap, purrs and begins to knead you with its front paws . Experts agree that this action brings back memories for your adult cat of his childhood with his mother, when she fed him and gave him warmth. At this point your kitty will get nostalgic.


8. Lick your hair and earlobes

Okay, most likely none of these actions are on your list of 10 affection preferences, but your cat regards you as another cat, albeit large, in her inner circle. Only special “cats” are deemed worthy of these special grooming sessions .

In a multi-cat household, mutual grooming is a sign of trust and friendship. Pay attention, maybe you are the only one worthy of this behavior!

9. Bring you dead mice, birds and other supposed gifts

Evolution and domestication have not stripped your cat of its inner hunter. After a successful hunt, he can deposit a mouse head or lizard tail in a place he knows you visit. Although this is not considered the ideal gift, for him sharing his prey with you is a sign of friendship and affection .


10. Make a high-pitched sound

Cats are capable of more than a dozen vocalizations, ranging from hissing to meowing. Listen carefully for the high-pitched sound or squeak. These sounds convey affection and attention , it does not mean that they are asking for food , they are thanking you. Kick back, watch their reaction, and enjoy some real cat talk




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