10 tips to take better photos of your cat with Zoner Photo Studio X

For many of us, cats are a vital part of our lives. Therefore, it is logical that we want to capture them with the camera and keep their memory close to our hearts. The problem is, taking good photos of pets can be tricky.

In addition, taking photos of your cat is no longer just about taking a nice photo. These days post-production and editing go hand in hand with taking photos. The good news is that you don’t need to be a genius in photography or graphic design to get your high-quality cat photos.

If you are looking for an intuitive all-in-one program, consider  Zoner Photo Studio X  as your best friend (cat). Covers all the steps to take pictures from start to finish. It helps you import your photos to your computer, classify, select the best shots, edit with multiple tools, and finally export and share.

However, before starting to edit with this program I offer you a series of basic rules that you will have in mind to obtain beautiful photos of cats

. Patience is very important

The first tip you should know is that if you are going to photograph cats, you should expect a high failure rate. The more demanding you are as a photographer, the more it will happen to you. Cats are not a subject of photography for impatient people as they do not hold their poses for long.

When you’ve managed to frame, they will likely come up to you and sniff the lens. If not, they sure turn their heads when you shoot the camera. This is the “fun” part of photographing cats.

Cats tend to make funny poses randomly, especially when they are half asleep. To capture these moments, it is best to always have a camera handy, even a phone works. If you need to get your camera out before taking a photo, the cat will most likely hear you and move. Also, if you’re out on the street with your cat, have your camera ready for some outdoor shots, otherwise you’ll miss out on great photos.


2. Simplify and control the background

The background can make a photograph beautiful or on the contrary spoil all the work done. With practice you must learn to avoid in your photos what should not appear, which takes away prominence … The main thing in photography is our cat and we must dispense with everything that does not help us to highlight it.

As Elena Kaede indicates to us , to have a good background we can order the objects in the environment, make a composition or fix the frame well. If none of this works for us, we must choose to blur the background so that it is not very visible. We can achieve this effect with the functions of the camera or by applying filters that blur what we do not want to highlight.

Do you want to capture and focus on the expression of the cat’s face? It will stand out much more in the image if you place your cat in front of a clear background, for example, a smooth wall.


3.  Shoot using different angles

If they’re by your side, shooting from eye level down, you can get really pretty pictures. This perspective emphasizes the cat’s face and eyes. But notice why you can cause a bit of distortion in the photo, and give a comic touch to the image.

Cats are to climb to the heights. They like to climb trees, walls, and any other tall structure. You can highlight this behavior by taking photos from a low angle (pointing the camera up).

If you shoot at the cat’s eye level, you can get nice photos without distortion. With this, you can see the world as they do. The results from this perspective will surprise you. You will see that your photos will capture the personality of your cat much better.

4. Use a semi-automatic shooting mode

Unless they are sleeping, cats can be fast or unpredictable. It’s good to be ready to shoot fast and shooting in a semi-auto mode can help you get there.

The aperture mode (called Av or A on most cameras) is the one of choice among wildlife photographers. However, be careful about using really low apertures, because the cat will be out of focus if it moves.

You must choose which aperture will be the best to keep everything important in the image to focus. To compensate for higher apertures, you will need to use slower shutter speeds. This is not always the best option when the animal is moving.

5. Focus on the cat’s eyes

If you are taking a close-up portrait of your cat, it is important that you make sure that the eyes are well in focus. This is easy to blur on animals, as you only need a slight oversight to focus on the nose. The camera you use and the size of its sensor will facilitate this task.

The eyes convey emotions and we are naturally drawn to them. The same is applicable to cat photography. Cats have mysterious eyes that reflect their soul. With his gaze we can tell his story, so we must focus on it if we want to convey a message with the photo.

However, you can also break this rule and take great photos of cats by focusing on other parts of their bodies; excellent close-ups can be achieved with its legs. 


6. Use continuous shooting mode

Cats can be quite unpredictable, so getting a perfect photo can be quite difficult. You can achieve capturing a good moment by using continuous shooting mode. This is also called burst mode or high speed continuous mode. Most cameras today have it.

You can take several images in a row. Try to guess the behavior of the cat, when you think it is about to act, start taking photos. You will get quite a few photos, some will be bad and some will be good.

The number of photos and how to activate it depend on the model of your camera, so you should consult the manual of your camera.

7. Take photos from near and far

Different stories can be told about a cat depending on the distance between you and the cat. You can go for a wide shot that includes a lot of the environment. This shows where the cat lives or stays. However, keep in mind that when taking large photos, the cat may not be easily perceived in them, do not forget its small size.

But if you want the cat to be the main character, don’t hesitate and come closer. Take close-up and mid-shot photos. In the half-shot photos you can include a bit of the place where the cat is, to give context to the photo.

8. Create and save your own style

If you’re satisfied with the quality of the photos you’ve taken, you can save the slider values ​​to your own custom presets. This allows you to get your work done faster and apply the same presets to multiple photos in the future. 

With presets, you’ll preserve your style across multiple photos so they have a similar tone and feel. If you are looking for some inspiration, you can use built-in presets or download more presets from the Zoner Photo Studio website .

9. Get the correct exposure and tones

Speed ​​up the editing process with automatic adjustments. To adjust and correct the basic characteristics of photos, you don’t need to do magic. You can rely on Zoner Photo Studio X’s built-in automatic adjustments. With just one click and using AI, the program will automatically adjust the exposure, shadow and saturation values. 

Afterward, you can further adjust and change the sliders according to your creative and aesthetic preferences.


10. Export and share

The last step, of course, is to save your chosen photos and optimize them for Instagram or for uploading to an online album. With two clicks, you can share photos in public or private albums online. Zoner Photo Studio X has an unlimited service called  Zonerama . Here, you can store and present your photos in full resolution and without compression.

Even Zoner Photo Studio X lets you create and order calendars, photo albums, and canvas prints right from within the program. Decorating your walls with loved ones is ten times better than just looking at pictures of cats on the Internet.

30 day free trial

Finally, give it a try and you will see that with a few adjustments you can turn your normal cat photos into something really eye-catching. You can start by downloading the   30-day free trial without entering your credit card details. And for more training, you can read their educational tutorials.


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