10 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

10 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

We know how much you love your pussy but do you know how he feels about you? There are 10 obvious signs in his behavior that reveal that you belong to his closest circle. In short, that you are from his family and that he feels protected with you.

Considering the position of its tail, the intensity of its purr or other rituals that cats have established in their relationships with their peers to profess their respect and affection , you can identify the degree of sympathy that you cause your beloved cat. How many of these signals has your kitty offered you?

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10 signs that your cat loves you

Unlike humans, felines have a very peculiar body language to express their philias and phobias . Below we develop the 10 feline behaviors that according to ethologists express their adoration for the lucky ones for whom they are destined.

1. Your cat kneads you

Do you know that when they are puppies, kittens knead their mother’s abdomen with their paws to stimulate milk production? This action, somewhat nostalgic in adulthood, provides them with well-being. Therefore, if you observe that he kneads a garment of yours or does it directly on a part of your body, it means that you belong to his family .

2. Your cat purrs

The purr remains one of the great mysteries around cats. However, experts agree that this mechanism lowers the heart rate and blood pressure of cats. It is even believed that it acts as a catalyst for the regeneration of your body, suppressing damage.

On the affective-emotional level, the purr is their particular vocalization, depending on its intensity, of what they like . If your cat purrs intensely every time he is close to you or when you hold him, it is clear that he is telling you that with you he is in glory.

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3. He approaches you and raises his tail

There is unanimity among experts in animal behavior that the tail is the most expressive part of the feline anatomy . Depending on their posture and appearance, cats express everything.

In this sense, if he is nervous or feels threatened, it will bristle and seem to swell and if he is sad he will carry it low between his legs. If, on the contrary, he approaches you and raises his tail by contracting the tip, pretending to twist it, you can feel honored because he is expressing his love for you .

4. Rub his head against you

The head of the kittens is the area in which there are more pheromone secreting glands. With these pheromones they mark their territoriality and everything they consider theirs, so the fact that your pet passes his face or head against a part of your body is a clear message of closeness . He considers you part of his immediate circle.

5. Blink slowly when looking at you

Felines are not very keen on maintaining eye contact with just anyone. In fact, a sustained look accompanied by a slow blink is comparable to a kiss between humans . If your best friend lowers, raise his eyelids while he looks at you, you must reciprocate with the same gesture of love.

6. He shows you his belly

The abdomen is one of the most vulnerable areas of the cat’s anatomy. Consequently, it is not common to show it to just anyone. If your pet does not miss the opportunity to lie down next to you showing you his belly, he is trying to capture your attention so that you correspond with the caresses that only you know how to provide.

7. sucks your fingers or hair

You already know the importance that cats give to daily grooming. For this reason, that your pet decides to suck your fingers, your hair or your ears is significant: it does so because it feels the need to take care of you, as happens in groups of cats that groom each other when there is familiarity between them.

8. nibbles you

Has it happened to you that your cat suddenly surprises you with a tickling fit by gently biting you? If their intention is not to hurt you, a behavior that would be accompanied by the folding of their ears, is another graphic example of love for you . His behavior resembles what he would do with other equals.

You can be sure that he behaves like this because he does not consider you a threat, but on the contrary, he is playing with you because you make him feel relaxed and protected. He trusts you and loves you.

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9. sleep with you

Cats only sleep in warm, soft spaces. It is his way of compensating for his lack of protection during the break. That your furry take your lap or another part of your body as his bed is another irrefutable show of affection towards you.

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10. Brings you a gift

It may be a dead animal or a piece of rope that you have discovered under the sofa, the prey is irrelevant. However, the intention is clear: your pet wants to share with you the result of his hunt to feed you. It’s his way of showing that he wants to take care of you because he adores you .

As you can see, some of the manifestations of affection of cats can be surprising to humans, but it is no less true that delving into their psychology is an act linked to the love that we profess for them for being such wonderful beings, don’t you think?


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