10 Expressions of affection of catsūüźĪ towards their owners

Most likely, your cat loves you. Although the clichés that define cats as antisocial or distant are widespread, we know that felines communicate and show affection in different ways.

The way cats show love is very different from the way dogs do . The cat path tends to be more subtle, leading cat owners to wonder if their cats really love them.

In this article I show you a list of the difficult to detect signs of cat love, so that you can more easily identify the signs of affection that your cat uses. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the uncertainty about how your feline is actually feeling.

How do cats show affection to humans?

Cats are very subtle animals. But this does not necessarily mean that they do not love their owners or that they never show it. There are many different ways that they show how much they love their owners.

What are the different ways cats show affection?

  1. The purr

This is one of the most common ways your cat shows her love and affection . Cats have this little motor inside their throat, which starts to vibrate when they feel relaxed or enjoy something, for example when you pet them, especially in the areas they want (behind the ear, under the chin).

You should also be aware that purring can indicate that your cat is in pain. It is important to recognize the difference. If you see that your cat has some kind of pain and purrs, you should go to the vet.

  1. If he licks and groom you

Yes, that happens.¬†Cat grooming is not just reserved for them or other cats they are comfortable with.¬†Cats groom each other as a way to relieve stress and bond, so¬†when your cat starts licking you, it’s because they consider you family.

Your cat will lick you to show his affection by mixing his scent with yours. This behavior helps them feel relaxed, shows confidence, and also creates a community scent that is important to recognize in their families and humans.

  1. Looks at you blinking

Have you ever noticed that your cat looks at you by blinking slowly?¬†Cats look at the people they love and trust with half-closed, blinking eyes.¬†These blinks are actually called¬†“cat kisses”¬†and convey “relaxation, satisfaction, affection, and confidence.”

Give those “cat kisses” back to your pet to show that you love him too.¬†The next time your cat blinks slowly at you, do the same!

  1. Showing you her belly

The most vulnerable part of your cat is its¬†belly¬†, and if it shows it to you to pet it, it means that they trust you and love and love you.¬†Cats don’t show their bellies to just anyone.

A cat that loves you will turn around and show you its belly. It is a sign of love. So, pet your cat. This is how you increase your love and strengthen the bond with your cat. The cat is a proud animal, so when it shows you its stomach do not ignore them, you may not have another chance.

  1. Rubbing your cheeks

Cheek rubs are a sign of affection from cats and are also invitations to socialize . Cats have scent glands on their cheeks that produce pheromones. In addition to showing trust and affection towards their loved ones, felines mark property through this behavior and mix their scents with those to which they are attached.

With cats you don’t know, you can try socialization by extending your index finger towards the cat at the level of its nose.¬†If he wants to greet you, he will approach your finger and touch it with his nose and then turn his head until your finger is on his cheek.¬†If he trusts you, he will rub your hand against his cheek, indicating that he is willing to socialize.¬†This can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

  1. Banging your head

It consists of pushing his head towards us in a very loving way¬†.¬†It’s a great compliment in the cat world.¬†So if your cat hits your head, this is a kind of sweetie for you.

Head bumping is a way of mixing their scent, which is produced from the glands located on your cat’s head, with yours.

  1. Following you as you walk

Cats often follow their owners.¬†They can rub against your legs or even accidentally trip you while walking.¬†It’s important to understand that your furry friend is only doing this because they love being around you.

  1. Showing your tail

Cats  use their raised tails to express their love . When a cat approaches you with its tail raised and the end slightly tilted, it is a sign that it loves and respects you.

A cat holding its butt to your face also shows a sign of affection. Kittens greet their mother with raised tails and adult cats maintain this behavior with their dearest people.

  1. He kneads you with his paws

The rhythmic movement of the front legs, known as¬†kneading¬†, is a holdover from a cat’s early days as a kitten.

Nursing kittens press their paws against their mother’s gut to stimulate the flow of milk, and throughout their lives, cats retain that association with joy and warmth.¬†If your cat falls into your lap and begins to “knead”, enjoy this special massage as a sign of happiness and confidence.

  1. Offers you a gift

Cats are adorable, but don’t forget that they are small carnivores with hunting instincts.¬†Cats can catch everything from toys to mice, and they often share their “trophies” with their loved ones.

If your cat introduces you to what he has hunted, he deserves your praise.¬†I wouldn’t bring those special gifts if I didn’t love you.



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