10 common mistakes in feeding your cat

Feeding your cat is much more than just putting a little of his food in a bowl during the day. Cats have specific dietary needs, which can be compromised if you unintentionally make some feeding mistakes .

Cat owners have been feeding their pet for years without realizing that they are actually making many mistakes that could affect their feline’s long-term health.

Here are the 10 most common cat nutrition mistakes to avoid.

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  • Feed him only meat
  • Include too many treats in the daily ration
  • Changing foods too fast
  • Feeding your cat too much tuna
  • Give him leftovers from your food
  • Feed him dog food
  • Give milk
  • Diet based on raw fish
  • Overfeeding your cat
  • Provide food as soon as you wake up
  1. Feed him only meat

Fruits and vegetables can be liked by humans, but cats are carnivores, and many of these ingredients are unnecessary or not well processed by them.

However, being a carnivore does not mean that your cat can eat any type of meat. They need different parts of animals to obtain all the amino acids, taurine , minerals and vitamins for their daily function.

Do not forget that if you eat only meat, could  suffer  quickly  deficiencies .

  1. Include too many treats in the daily ration

Cat treats are tasty and we can feel the joy that they are provided when we give them to them. Although cat treats are small, they are generally saturated with sugars and calories, which means that it is very easy to overfeed your cat in treats, which can lead to weight problems and diabetes.

The solution? Keep treats to a minimum and only take them out on special occasions, but even then, don’t overdo it.

  1. Changing foods too fast

It is wise to have variety in your cat’s daily food choices, but speeding things up can create inconvenience. Introducing a new food too quickly, without letting your cat’s digestive system adjust to the new ingredients, creates a high risk of developing gastrointestinal upset, causing diarrhea or vomiting.

In this situation, you generally falsely assume that the food is bad, when all you have to do is  introduce the new food to your cat gradually. 

  1. Feeding your cat too much tuna

Tuna as a treat from time to time is harmless, but as a constant diet it can lead to malnutrition. Tuna does not have adequate amounts of vitamin E and this can lead to a condition called steatitis (also known as yellow fat disease).

Tuna, having a very strong taste and smell, can turn many cats into “addicts”. The problem can be serious because these tuna “addicts” may refuse to eat anything else. Another problem with a diet with excess tuna is that there is a risk of mercury poisoning.

  1. Give him leftovers from your food

Not only can you cause serious health problems for your cat by giving him food scraps, because the food he eats is often  too fatty, salty or too sweet  for your cat, but you also create a  bad habit that will cost you to eliminate. You will have him at the table every day waiting for you to give him leftovers and that will end up bothering you.

  1. Feed him dog food

It is not recommended to feed your cat dog food, even occasionally. In fact, dog food generally contains a  lot of grains.  Cats Can’t Digest Grains Properly It may surprise us why someone would feed a cat dog food, but it happens more often than you think.

Dog food does not have enough protein for cats and is not supplemented with taurine and that is something that cats require in their diet.

  1. Give milk

Contrary to what you may think, milk is not good for your cat, it can even cause  digestive disorders . In fact, a large number of adult cats are lactose intolerant or even  allergic to it.

Once weaned, most cats become lactose intolerant. Although some cats will have no problem with the occasional milk intake, offering milk on a regular basis can cause diarrhea. Milk should not replace water and, if offered, can lead to dehydration.

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  1. Diet based on raw fish

Raw fish contains an enzyme called thiaminase that destroys thiamine . A thiamine deficiency can lead to loss of appetite, seizures, and also death. Although cooking destroys the enzyme, a regular diet of fish lacks adequate amounts of necessary vitamins and minerals. There is also a risk of parasites when feeding it raw fish.

If your cat is crazy about fish, it is always best to cook that fish before giving it to him. In fact,  fish often contain parasites  that then lodge in your feline’s intestinal walls, and can even cause death.

  1. Overfeeding your cat

Obesity is not only increasing at an alarming epidemic rate among humans, it is also a problem in the pet world. Today, many pets are overfed, leading to serious obesity problems. Most cats practically do not exercise any form, since they simply eat and sleep.

Giving your cat too much food without proper exercise triggers obesity. Seek the advice of a veterinarian on the levels or amount of food your cat needs on a daily basis.

If you are concerned about your cat’s weight, speak to a vet. Cats cannot follow very fast weight loss plans because it is dangerous for their health. Weight reduction should be done with caution. When you put your cat on a weight reduction plan, increase the amount of exercise she gets. Very often, just an increase in daily gaming sessions can have a big effect on obesity.

  1. Provide food as soon as you wake up

It’s a mistake many cat owners make: when they get up in the morning, the first thing they do is feed their feline. If you are one of those people who are very concerned about the well-being of your cat, what do you know that by doing so , you motivate your cat to get up at night  or early in the morning so that you feed him.

It is better that you wait for breakfast, before feeding your cat.




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