10 Benefits of having a cat in your home

They’re fluffy, independent, the internet is in love with them, and there is scientific evidence that having a feline companion is beneficial to your health.

If you live with a charming lap cat or a quiet introvert who loves his space, having a feline around you can be just as rewarding and beneficial as owning any other “animal companion.”

Next I will show you the benefits and if it is worth having a cat in your home.

1. It will help you cope with the loss of loved ones

Losing a loved one is very painful, but a good way to cope is to have a pet. Cats have been shown to help people overcome their loss more quickly and show fewer physical symptoms of pain, such as crying.

Although they are only animals, cats detect sadness  and serve as emotional support in difficult times. Grieving people report that they talk to their pet to express their feelings, as it is easier to talk to something that is unresponsive and cannot judge us, unlike people.

2. Cats improve human health

Having cats around can have a major impact on our well-being, cats are therapeutic . According to scientists, if you spend 15 to 30 minutes a day with your cat, cuddling, playing, or just hanging out, your mood could improve.

For what is this? It has to do with serotonin , a brain chemical that generates a feeling of well-being, and cortisol , a chemical associated with stress. When we spend time with cats, our serotonin levels increase and our cortisol levels decrease. That assumes good feelings win!

3. You will have a healthier heart

One study shows that cat owners are less likely to die from a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases than people who have never had a cat as a pet.

Data from nearly 4,500 men and women, ages 30 to 75, were analyzed, all of whom were free of cardiovascular disease when they participated in the study.

More than half, 55%, reported having a cat at some point in their life.

Compared to cat owners, people who never owned a cat were 40% more likely to die from a heart attack during the 20-year study period. They were also 30% more likely to die from any cardiovascular disease, including stroke, heart failure, and chronic heart disease.

4. Your purr can help heal bones, tendons and muscles

The purr of a cat is one of the most comforting sounds in the world, and while it certainly means your cat is happy and comfortable, the sound has also long been associated with a therapeutic ability to heal human bones and muscles.

Cats’ purring creates vibrations at a frequency of 20-140 HZ, and studies have shown that frequencies in the 18-35 HZ range have a positive effect on joint mobility after injury.

5. Benefits of sleeping with cats

Several studies in the UK have found that people (especially women) prefer to sleep with their cats rather than their partners, and even report that they sleep better with a cat than a human bed partner. 

A   recent study from the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine was able to confirm those findings: 41 percent of the people in that study indicated they slept better because of their pet, while only 20 percent said it caused them discomfort.

6. Your children will have fewer allergies

If you are expecting a child, it might be time to get a cat. In 2002, a  Journal of the American Medical Association study  found that children under the age of one who were exposed to a cat were less likely to develop allergies, and not just allergies to pets.

High exposure to pets early in life appears to protect not only against pet allergies but also other types of common allergies, such as allergies to dust mites, ragweed, and grass. And while the Toxoplasma gondii cat parasite   is a threat to young children, experts say changing your cat’s litter box every day and keeping the animal indoors is enough to keep you safe and allergy-free.

7. Cats keep rodents at bay

It is no secret that cats and mice have an eternal and bloody rivalry. Whenever a cat is present, the mice are likely to keep their distance.

Yes, catching mice is one of the felines’ most treasured hobbies. But while they love to chase them, cats infrequently kill mice. Wild cats depend on smaller mammals for food, but indoor cats often settle for pestering and chasing them.

Know that even the smell of a cat can be enough to keep mice away.

8.  Children with cats become more responsible adults 

When you take responsibility for someone other than yourself, your sense of responsibility develops. This is not only applicable to dogs, but also to cats.

In fact, children accustomed to taking care of their pets when they grow up become more responsible people.

9. Improve your sociability

Owning a cat provides you with a way to start a conversation and can improve the owner’s ability to socialize. 

One study found that women were more attracted to men who owned cats because having cats as companions often suggests sensitivity and intelligence.

10. They help to cope with loneliness

One of the best things about a cat is that it can provide you with company . There is research showing that loneliness is a determining factor in some diseases. For example, one  study  links loneliness with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

It is interesting to see that more and more single people are discovering the comfort and satisfaction of owning a pet. Pets, and in this case cats, are a powerful and positive influence in our lives, offering unique benefits for our emotional, psychological and physical health.



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